Lumberjack Sports

Annual contest held in Boonville on the third weekend of August. Includes general information, schedule, past results back to 1995, and world records.

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  • Lumberjack World Championships - Annual July event in Hayward, Wisconsin. Event includes lumberjack chopping, sawing, sports tree climbing, and logrolling. Information on lumberjack history, competitions, how to sports purchase tickets.
  • Nova Scotia Agricultural College Woodsmen Athletics - Includes schedule of events, results, player biographies, roster, lumberjack coaching staff info, photo gallery and information about lumberjack the NSAC annual competition.
  • Lumberjack Sports International - Lumberjack show production company. Information about various television shows, how to arrange a show and the LSWRA organization of athletes.
  • Stihl Timbersports Series - Provides past results, a list of contestants with biographies, a sports schedule of events, and a themed screensaver.
  • New York State Woodsmen's Field Days Lumberjack Contest - Annual contest held in Boonville on the third weekend of August. Includes general information, schedule, past results back to 1995, and world records.
  • American Lumberjack Association (A.L.A.) - A body which sets up rules governing sanctioned shows and sports competitors, maintains equipment, keeps records, mails regular newsletters to members sports and holds annual meetings.
  • Canadian Logger Sports Association - Sets rules and regulations for Festival of Forestry lumberjack at the lumberjack Pacific National Exhibition and the Squamish lumberjack Logger Sports summer month lumberjack competitions.
  • Lumberjack Alley - Explains the mechanics of how to use an axe, log sports rolling, two man bucking, jack and jill bucking, jill and sports jill bucking, bow sawing, hot saw chain saw, underhand chop, sports and axe throwing. Details contest management including expected expenditures.
  • Iron Horse Hotsaw - Water cooled design of the husky hotsaw which sports was the winner of seven world championships.
  • American Birling Association - Provides information and how to articles on log lumberjack rolling, boom running, making log rolling spikes, carpeting lumberjack logs, and organizing a log rolling or boom lumberjack running contest.
  • Kentucky Lumberjack Challenge - Annual event includes axe throw, men and woman\\'s lumberjack underhand, stock appearing 0 - 4, two person lumberjack crosscut, stock appearing 0-5, standing block, stock appearing lumberjack 5 and over, Jack and Jill crosscut, and lumberjack husqvarna stock saw. Includes upcoming event information,
  • Canadian Intercollegiate Lumberjacking Association - Provides a venue for colleges to participate in a series sports of lumberjacking competitions. Includes general rules, events, teams, sports forms, past results, upcoming competitions.
  • New York State Lumberjacks Association (NYSLA) - Includes schedule, announcements, results, rules, maps, and entry forms. Based in Fulton, New York.
  • United States Axemens Association - Promotes the advancement of lumberjack and timber sports. Includes news, lumberjack competition rules, scheduled competitions and events, competitor rankings, world records, lumberjack photos, instructional guides, and trading post.
  • Lumberjack Entertainment and Timbersports Guide - Information about contests including locations, who to contact, lumberjack and dates, listings of world records, where to lumberjack obtain equipment and where to find related publications.
  • Ketchikan Coho's Log Rolling Team - Alaska log rolling school for ages 4 and sports up. Information about log rolling and other timber sports sports.
  • Fred Scheer's Lumberjack Shows - Includes information on upcoming shows and how to sports arrange a sports show.
  • Lumberjack Days - Stillwater, Minnesota annual July lumberjack celebration. Includes schedule lumberjack of events, sports photo gallery, maps and info.
  • Federation of New South Wales Axemen's Associations, Inc. - Provides an introduction to wood chopping, programs and sports results, training and instruction, articles, and schedules of sports meetings.
  • Tupper Lake Woodsmen's Days - An annual event attracts thousands of spectators and hundreds of lumberjack competitors for a weekend of parades, logging demonstrations, competition, and lumberjack fun.
  • Tall Timber Lumberjack Show - Outdoor dinner show featuring timber sports events.

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