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Online football community which features include away guide, chants, book reviews, site reviews, message boards, funny pictures and quotes, free ringtone codes, and celebrity fans.

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Football Poets* - A collection of football poems. Poetry and prose for every football fan.

  • Footballer Wallpaper - Offers wallpapers of footballers.
  • Soccer Fans Info - History of soccer, rules, famous player profiles, statistics, soccer training guides and product reviews.
  • player-ART - Graphics community, wallpapers, free pictures, signatures, and renders.
  • - Online football community which features include away guide, fun chants, book fun reviews, site reviews, message boards, funny fun pictures and quotes, free fun ringtone codes, and celebrity fun fans.
  • - Free wallpapers, players, clubs, national teams, emblems and sports competitions.
  • Soccer Squared - Collection of original soccer images, files, games, drills soccer and rules.
  • Footie Tube - Daily round up of soccer videos from around the Internet.
  • Manchester Buccaneers "blog" - A hilarious site, making fun of Malcolm Glazer\\'s takeover of Manchester United.
  • Soccer Fans Network Wallpapers - Includes players, clubs, national teams, stadiums, and World Cup desktop fun designs.
  • Top Footballers - World best footballers and club information.
  • The Famous Football Supporters Page - "Endlessly fascinating and almost entirely useless" - FourFourTwo. "Engrossing - but entirely useless" - The Daily Mail.
  • Football Chants and Songs - Upload to mobile phones: video football chants and soccer songs.
  • Bens World Cup Experience 2006 - Ben is nine years old and this site soccer shows the fun highlights from the trip to the soccer 2006 FIFA World Cup fun in Germany. He watched soccer six games and took many photographs.
  • So You Think You Know Football - Tough football quiz played against the clock with questions on fun the Premier League, Championship, Internationals and players past.
  • All Football Goals - Offers soccer goals videos from all over the Internet.
  • Soccer Arts - Includes wallpapers, signatures and avatars of players.
  • Football Wallpaper - Offers free football wallpapers.
  • Footiearts - A football graphics community which provides free wallpapers, sports signatures, avatars and other football graphics.
  • Laugh FC - Solely dedicated to the light-hearted side of football, this site has jokes, chants, features and forums.
  • International Court Soccer - A sport that combines the skills of soccer, played in soccer the controlled environment of a racquetball or squash court.
  • Strange Soccer Stories - A collection of stories that are strange, and sports they\'re all about soccer.
  • The Football Quotes Page - A large compendium of comedy soccer related quotes.
  • SoccerSaver - Screen saver that turns your screen into a sports soccer field fun with 3D rendered players attempting to sports play a game of fun soccer. Change the appearance sports of the field by adding lines, fun bumps or sports a block pattern or by projecting a message fun sports and choose the team colors.
  • 101 Football Jokes - A collection of classic soccer jokes sorted into categories.
  • Football Pictures - Soccer and footballer pictures gallery.
  • Football Wallpapers - Free football wallpapers, players, clubs and national teams.
  • Funny Old Game - Includes funny pictures, games, stories, quotes, and jokes.
  • Soccer Desktop - Free wallpapers, screensavers, themes, cursors, and icons.
  • - Funny soccer videos and images.
  • World Records for Ball Juggling with Feet, Legs and Head - All records in the lists are achievements without the ball touching the ground.
  • The Armchair Fan: Football's Other Face - Football stories which didn\\'t make the papers. Warning: some may have been made up.
  • - Original football wallpapers in 1024 x 768, 1280 soccer x 1024 and 1600 x 1200 resolutions.
  • X Football Wallpapers - Download the latest wallpapers from popular clubs, players, soccer competitions and sports pictures of stadiums.
  • Soccer Commercials - A collection of soccer commercials from around the world. Features ads from companies such as Nike, Adidas, Umbro, and Pepsi.
  • Football Shirt Hall of Shame - A collection of the funniest and ugliest shirts sports ever to grace a football field.
  • World Cup Trivia Quiz - A quiz of one hundred questions on World soccer Cup trivia fun and amazing stories, with a selection soccer of records, superlatives, facts fun and statistics.
  • sports jokes - The site is one of sports satire where sports personalities sports are lampooned and sports events are made fun of
  • Soccer Anthems and Logos - Anthems and logos of teams from Greece and Spain.
  • World Wide Wolfie - Wolfie (the mascot of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC) writes soccer about football fun and life. He's great.
  • The Association Of Football Badge Collectors - Scans of football badges from the British Isles.
  • Fictional Football - Fictional clubs competing in a league.
  • Soccer Trivia Forum - A message board to quiz each other and soccer answer trivia questions about soccer.
  • Footbo - Combines the concept of social networking with the world of sports soccer. Share views and discuss topics related to the game.
  • Its Football - Blog intent on showing off the lighter side soccer of the sports sport.
  • - A definitive guide to football chants in England.
  • Roy of the - Dedicated to the comic book hero Roy Race. It has soccer excellent archival information and hosts a free Collectors Corner classifieds soccer board. Other pages contain quizzes, a fantasy football league and soccer a football jokes page.
  • Football Clipart-linX - Free soccer clipart and animated gifs for non-commercial sports use.
  • Bertie Auld Bhoys Band - A band consisting of Celtic (Scotland) fanatics creating sports traditional music. Preview of the songs, photographs, guestbook, sports and contacts.
  • Futbol Wallpapers - Offers free wallpapers of players and clubs.
  • Football Knowledge - Football trivia, knowledge and history.
  • Footy-Designs - Free football wallpapers of every team for the sports Premier League fun and other teams including national teams.
  • - Dedicated to the celebration of allegedly ugly footballers with photographs fun from the 1980's to the present.
  • World Cup Hair Cuts - A gallery of haircuts from the World Cup.
  • Soccer Songs and Chants - Contains songs and chants from a lot of sports different soccer teams all over Europe.
  • Football Jokes - Includes jokes, stories, quotes, anagrams, team jokes, songs and limericks in 18 footballing categories.
  • Player Art - Offers news, tutorials, wallpapers, signatures, resources for soccer players.
  • - Mr. Woo is the World Greatest Football Entertainer. sports An ex-professional, fun Mr. Woo is can perform football sports tricks like no other fun player in the world.

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