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A collection of links for known sources of laws, advice, training material and leagues. Geared at the developing referee who wants to learn more.

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Editor's Picks: Laws of the Game* - The rules of the sport as authorised by the International Football Association Board (IFAB). Also includes questions and answers and an interactive guide to Offside Law 11.

  • Burtrand World: Offside Rule - A simple explanation of the offside rule and soccer the offside trap with the use of diagrams.
  • Soccer Referee Info - A collection of links for known sources of officiating laws, advice, soccer training material and leagues. Geared at officiating the developing referee who soccer wants to learn more.
  • Sheffield Rules - The rules were a code of football devised soccer and played in the English city of Sheffield soccer between 1857 and 1878.
  • International Football Association Board - The body that determines the Laws of the Game. The officiating board is made up from four FIFA representatives, and one officiating representative each from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  • Ask The Ref Soccer Rules Explained - Answers to questions regarding soccer rules provided by an International soccer panel of certified referees.

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