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General information and links for mushing, skijoring, sleddog races, and rescue work. With links to winter recreation with Siberian Huskies.

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  • Lance Mackey's Comeback Kennel - Championship distance mushing kennel, winner of Iditarod, Yukon sled dog racing Quest and other major races. Includes photographs, information sled dog racing about races and history.
  • The Village of Mushers - News and information about this sport. Races, updates, sled dog racing sled dog racing clothes, equipment, sleds, dogs, kennels, pictures, wallpapers, programmes.
  • Vermont Dog Sled Rides - Dog sled rides in Vermont, wilderness adventures 20 sledding miles north winter sports of Stowe.
  • Can-AM Crown - Long distance race, includes highlight photos, entry form, sled dog racing and volunteer and spectator information. Maine, USA
  • Sibenah Siberian Huskies /Sled-dogs - Loving, Importing and Selectively Breeding and Racing in sledding Canberra, Australia.
  • Mikrotime Sled-Dog Results 1995-1999 - Results for British sled dog events.
  • Mushing Boot Camp - 3-day intensive clinic training sled dogs. Also a sledding 1-day pull training clinic. Taught by experienced mushers sledding and dog trainers. What to bring, typical schedule, sledding profiles of the instructors, testimonials, and registration.
  • ISDRA Home Page - Official site of the International Sled Dog Racing Association
  • John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon - Annual event in which teams with up to 14 dogs sledding race up Lake Superior\\'s North Shore in northeastern Minnesota. sledding Two races: a mid-distance, and a 400-mile marathon are held sledding in early February. History of the race, volunteer needs, information sledding on events, and
  • Racing Sled Dog Kennel - Sled dog racing in middle Europe and Scandinavia sledding and offers sled dog racing Siberian Husky and Alaskan Husky breeding. sledding Site is in English sled dog racing and German.
  • Dog Sled Racing - Ontario - Raven\\'s Watch Dog Sled Tours helps individuals enter a sled winter sports dog race.
  • Origin of the Aurora Borealis - Written in the style of a Native American origin myth, sled dog racing this story nicely deals with the death of a beloved sled dog racing sled dog, linking their passing to the gaining a "silver sled dog racing harness" and racing in the skies as part of the sled dog racing Northern Lights, or Aurora Boreal
  • Dog Sled Races Headed Our Way - Article on Montana\\'s top sled dog race, The sled dog racing sled dog racing Race to the Sky.
  • Mush With P.R.I.D.E. - P.R.I.D.E. stands for "Providing Responsible Information on a Dog\\'s Environment." sled dog racing Supports the responsible care and humane treatment of all dogs sled dog racing and is dedicated to enhancing the care and treatment of sled dog racing sled dogs in their traditional and modern us
  • Siberian Husky sled dogs in Denmark - Information about two Siberian Husky sled dogs in Denmark and sledding their Siberian Huskly family and friends. General information, sled dogs sledding in Denmark, and FAQs on huskies.
  • Dogsledding in the Boundary Waters - Mushers and dog sledding adventures in Northeastern Minnesota\\'s winter sports Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA). Information also available winter sports on the areas events and races.
  • Amaroc of Too-Cha-Tes Racing Siberians - Sled dog kennel in Germany. News, information sledding on the sport, photographs, and race results. sledding [English and German].
  • NorthWapiti Siberian Husky Kennels - Breeders of champion Siberian Huskies and Iditarod finishers. winter sports Includes kennel information, photographs, pedigrees, and race journal.
  • Retired Sled Dogs - Offers retired sled dogs, or submit one. Recreational sledding mushers teams sled dog racing created.
  • AS Sleddog Cremona - Official site of Sleddog Cremona Association, photo, news, and race sled dog racing calendars.
  • Finnmarksløpet - 1000 km non-stop running through the Arctic winter. The northernmost winter sports sled dog racing in the world, under North Cape, Norway. winter sports Qualifying event for the Iditarod.
  • - An Alaska based company focused on the coverage of dog sledding events such as the Iditarod, skijouring, mushers. Video and audio coverage of many major sled dog events.
  • Sled Dogs and Mushers - The Crooked Creek Observer uses musher interviews and winter sports photos winter sports to detail the love the mushers feel winter sports toward both winter sports their dogs and the sport. winter sports Details sport\\'s beginnings winter sports and growth as well as winter sports the not-so-positive sides.
  • ISLANDIS Greenland's dog team - Photographs, Greenland dog FCI standard, race calendars, and results.
  • Allegro Siberian's Mushing Skijoriing Information - General information and links for mushing, skijoring, sleddog winter sports races, and rescue work. With links to winter winter sports recreation with Siberian Huskies.
  • Dog Sledding at Hiker Central - Well sorted dog sledding resources.
  • Snow Motion Winter Dog Sports Club of Manitoba - Club for skijorers, kick sledders and recreational dog sled dog racing sledders which goes on weekly group runs in sled dog racing the Winnipeg area, and encourages members to race sled dog racing in the Festival du Voyageur each February.
  • Ivakkak - Inuit sled dog race on the Hudson Coast, from Umiujaq sled dog racing to Puvirnituq, passing through Inukjuak.
  • Kuskokwim 300 - Mid distance race in Alaska. Includes race tracker, historical records, sled dog racing musher information, trail report, rules, press packet, photographs, weather and sled dog racing map.
  • Muktuk Kennels and Sled Dog Tours - An introduction to racing world of Frank Turner sled dog racing winter sports and Muktuk Kennels. Frank is the only musher sled dog racing winter sports to have entered the Quest every year since sled dog racing winter sports its inception in 1984. Race information, maps, trail sled dog racing winter sports notes and results. Also information on wilderness tours sled dog racing winter sports with Frank
  • British Siberian Husky Racing Association - Calendar and results, plus links to loads of sled dog racing husky related sites
  • Mushing Online - Home page for Mushing Magazine, a bi-monthly publication sled dog racing that features articles on dog training and care, sled dog racing as well as tips for the mushers themselves sled dog racing on how to prepare for not only races sled dog racing but for, say, the unexpected blizzard. There sled dog racing are several archived ar
  • Kearney Dog Sled Derby - Information on Kearney\\'s annual dog sled derby and sled dog racing winterfest. Including rules, schedule, and race maps.
  • Fairbanks Junior Dog Mushers' Association - A junior mushing club located in Fairbanks, Alaska sled dog racing that holds races and other events for Junior sled dog racing Mushers during the winter.

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