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An educational and scientific organization comprised of more than 4,700 members dedicated to the advancement of crop science. Members in more than 100 countries.

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  • American Society of Agronomy - Dedicated to the development of agriculture enabled science science by science science, in harmony with environmental and human values.
  • International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists: African Chapter - IAALD is a forum of individuals and organizations science involved in agriculture creating, capturing, accessing and distributing information science and knowledge concerning agriculture agriculture and rural development in science Africa.
  • The Florida Caribbean Chapter of the American Bamboo Society - Non-profit organization dedicated to gaining knowledge and educating the public organizations on bamboos, with emphasis on research and preservation and propagation organizations of endangered species.
  • Council for Agricultural Science and Technology - Assembles, interprets, and communicates science-based information regionally, nationally, and internationally organizations on food, fiber, agricultural, natural resource, and related societal and organizations environmental issues. Topics include animal science, food science, agri
  • Society for Range Management - For the scientific study, protection and management of rangeland resources, science mainly grazing lands managed by ecological principles.
  • Agronomic Science Foundation - Conducts scholarship and grant programs and issues awards organizations intended to help further the role of the organizations agronomic, crop, and soil sciences in global crop organizations production, and to promote human welfare within a organizations sustainable environment.
  • Procinorte: Task Force on Tropical and Subtropical Fruits - Organization created in 1999 to improve links between agriculture Mexico, Canada and the United States for research agriculture issues related to quality, safety and traceability of agriculture tropical and subtropical fruits.
  • United States Freshwater Prawn and Shrimp Growers Association - Provides information on the raising of prawn and shrimp, and science also extension and business details, and recipes.
  • European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture - Includes organisation newsletters and archives, conference and event information,
  • San Joaquin Valley Quality Cotton Growers Association - Organization of local growers and ginners of cotton. Directory of organizations member companies and associates. Library of publications and market reports.
  • Society for Economic Botany - Fosters scientific research, education, and related activities on the past, present, and future uses of plants, and the relationship between plants and people.
  • Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station - Information on services and resources provided as well as special events.
  • Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) - Advances agricultural and rural development in African, Caribbean science and Pacific countries. Publications, events, services, announcements and science email newsletters. [English, French]
  • The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity - Promotes and funds projects to preserve "heritage" crops and livestock organizations strains as elements of traditional foodways.
  • International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences - IAAS aims to promote the exchange of knowledge, information and science ideas among students through seminars, working camps, international meetings, exchange science weeks and an international exchange program.
  • International Network for Information Technology in Agriculture - Includes a list of publications, events, and information agriculture on allied agriculture organisations.
  • Rolling Plains Cotton Growers - Non-profit organization of cotton producers in the central and northern organizations Rolling Plains, dedicated to improving the conditions under which their organizations cotton is produced and sold. Provides links to related sites.
  • Praktijkonderzoek Plant & Omgeving B.V. - Dutch center for advice and research at the organizations interface between science science and practice in agriculture, horticulture, organizations forestry, and the environment.
  • Animal and Natural Resources Institute - Provides information on the research, and the development of technology organizations transfer programs, being undertaken by the USDA Agricultural Research Service.
  • ESA - European Society for Agronomy - For agronomists, researchers and teachers who are agriculture concerned with agriculture basic and applied science in agronomy: agriculture the relationships between agriculture crops, soils, climates and agriculture agricultural practices, and between agriculture agriculture and the agriculture environment.
  • European Confederation of Agronomist Associations - Provides a list of members, the statutes and an introduction to the organisation as well as a short history.
  • Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) - Site has many information resources and links on agriculture agricultural topics, science as well as hunger, sustainable development, agriculture and related matters.
  • Hyb Tech - Project set up to develop F1 breeding technology science for crops. organizations Plants being tested are rice, tomato, science chicory and tobacco. Funded organizations by a commission of science six European countries. techniques.
  • Dr. Prem Nath Agricultural Science Foundation - A charitable trust established to assist Indian agricultural agriculture scientists to science address agricultural problems for the benefit agriculture of developing countries.
  • XSGrowth: Plant Health Clinic - Non-profit organization aiming to encourage the provision of agriculture comprehensive diagnostic science and advisory services for plant health agriculture around the world.
  • Indian Society of Agricultural Information Technology - INSAIT aims to promote IT in the agricultural science industry, encouraging organizations teaching, research and extension activities for science the benefit of farmers, organizations scientists, institutions and organizations.
  • Agricultural Drainage Management Coalition - Organization promoting controlled outlet land drainage as an organizations environmental best organizations management practice, improving water quality by organizations reducing nutrient runoff through organizations plastic field tile.
  • International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists - Aims to disseminate information to achieve a more productive and organizations sustainable use of land, water and renewable natural resources. Provides organizations information on membership, projects and services.
  • The Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture - Provides programs for researchers, policymakers and university faculties science in developing organizations countries to strengthen sustainable agricultural practices science through scientific training and organizations collaborative research.
  • InfoAgrar - This project of the Swiss College of Agriculture science provides an science agricultural information and documentation service.
  • Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions - Aims to promote the development of NARS in the Asia-Pacific science region through inter-regional and inter-institutional cooperation. Provides information on publications, science directories, news and events.
  • e-agriculture - Global initiative to enhance sustainable agricultural development and agriculture food security science by the use of information, communication, agriculture and associated technologies. Provides science information on resources, articles, agriculture forums and news. [English, French and science Spanish]
  • Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation - International agency advancing agricultural and rural development in organizations African, Caribbean, organizations and Pacific countries by promoting the organizations transfer, exchange and utilisation organizations of information. Features publications, organizations news, and departments.
  • The Triazine Network - Organisation that challenges the US restrictions on the use of organizations these herbicides.
  • Agricultural Learning Repositories Task Force - Community initiative that aims to promote the development of a science global infrastructure to facilitate sharing and reusing of learning resources science on topics related to agricultural and rural development worldwide.
  • Soil & Crop Science Society of Florida - Contains operations, meeting, and contact information.
  • International Service for National Agricultural Research - ISNAR assists developing countries in improving the performance agriculture of their organizations national agricultural research systems and organizations.
  • Swiss Forum for International Agricultural Research (SFIAR) - Group of institutions and individuals interested in agricultural science research for agriculture developing countries presents an overview of science current activities and stakeholders.
  • Alpha Zeta Fraternity - A professional fraternity of men and women whose organizations educational objectives science and/or careers fall within the broadly organizations defined field of agriculture. science United States.
  • Pan American Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture - Brief information on the federation and its founding principles and agriculture statutes.
  • International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage - News, profile and publications of the non-profit organisation working to organizations improve water and land management by the application of irrigation, organizations drainage and flood management techniques, in English and French.
  • CIRAD  - French agricultural research centre working for international development. science Provides news and details of its worldwide operations, science services and products and seeks projects in which science to participate.
  • International Federation of Nematology Societies - Information is given on nematodes, nematologists and nematology; IFNS, its 14 nematological member societies, and the International Congress of Nematology.
  • Doyle Foundation - Providing advocacy and support for the role of organizations science in international development
  • Landis International - Research and development management company specializing in registration science and re-registration science of agricultural compounds.
  • The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) - An informal association of public and private sector science donors that organizations supports a network of various international science agricultural research centers. organizations Page includes meeting schedule science and list of publications.
  • International Network for Bamboo and Rattan - Knowledge dissemination for rural areas and industries on science bamboo and rattan conservation and use.
  • American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers - Professional and technical organization of members worldwide interested in engineering knowledge and technology for food and agriculture and associated industries.
  • Crop Science Society of America - An educational and scientific organization comprised of more than 4,700 members dedicated to the advancement of crop science. Members in more than 100 countries.
  • Industrial Agricultural Products Center (IAPC) - Created by the University of Nebraska\\'s governing board. Purpose of group is to promote the development of new industrial products that are made totally or partly from agricultural commodities, such as renewable energy and biodegradable plastics. Page i
  • Swiss Center for International Agriculture - Promotes and supports projects in international agricultural research, organizations especially for the sustainable use of natural resources organizations in agriculture and forestry in non-OECD countries.
  • CAB International - Collects and shares knowledge about organic pesticides, biodiversity organizations and genetics. agriculture Publisher of books and journals.
  • Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture - Promotes the sustainable development of agriculture, food security and the prosperity of rural communities. Includes information on trade, technology and education.
  • American Agri Women (AAW) - National coalition works on areas of interest, such science as governmental agriculture economic policy and environmental issues. Page science lists the mission statement, agriculture affiliate organizations, meetings, committee science chairpersons and executive officers.
  • NNFCC: National Non-Food Crops Centre - The UK\\'s National Centre for renewable materials and science technologies, providing independent advice and information to industry, science agriculture, the Government and the general public.
  • International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) - International effort to evaluate the impact of agricultural organizations research on hunger, poverty, nutrition, human health and organizations environmental and social sustainability.
  • International Federation of Agricultural Producers - IFAP is a global network of farmers’ organizations. Provides news, organizations publishes newsletters and has regional and commodity groups.
  • Center for the Application of Molecular Biology to International Agriculture - CAMBIA, a non profit biotech research organisation, giving organizations a company science profile, details of research undertaken, a organizations bibliography and contact details.
  • Research Institute of Animal Nutrition, Ltd. - Pohorelice, Czech Republic. Cattle nutrition, pig nutrition, animal agriculture nutrition physiology and feed biotechnologies research. Research is agriculture the company's main activity.

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