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  • e-dinar - e-dinar is an internet based electronic payment and exchange system alternative monetary systems that facilitates transactions which are 100 per cent backed by alternative monetary systems physical gold and silver. With e-dinar you can do secure, alternative monetary systems real-time and cost effective local and international transfers.
  • ReinventingMoney.com - De-mystifies money by presenting ideas on monetary and non-monetary exchange. Established by Thomas H. Greco, Jr., monetary researcher and author of Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender.
  • International Journal of Community Currency Research - Online journal for the emerging community currency field.
  • Health Supreme's Economy Section - An exploration of monetary systems and economy alternatives. alternative monetary systems financial economics Concerns lack of credit availability in 3rd alternative monetary systems financial economics world environments. Proposes solutions.
  • Local and Interest-Free Currencies, Social Credit and Informal Credit Systems - Links to information sources on LETS, local community financial economics currencies, interest free money, social credit, and alternative financial economics monetary systems.
  • AutoCambist - Digital currency exchanger. Supports e-gold, e-Bullion, Webmoney, currency and money financial economics wmz, wmr, wmu, wme, 1MDC, Liberty Reserve, Pecunix.
  • GoldMoney - A digital precious metal currency backed by physical currency and money alternative monetary systems gold and silver that is stored offshore. Information currency and money alternative monetary systems on how to open an account and transfer currency and money alternative monetary systems funds.
  • Prosperity: Freedom from Debt Slavery - Monthly journal on monetary reform and debt-free money promoting the Bromsgrove Group Statement on money reform.
  • e-gold - Electronic currencies backed by gold, silver, platinum and alternative monetary systems financial economics palladium. Payment system allows transfer of small quantities alternative monetary systems financial economics of metal; site also has extensive statistics on alternative monetary systems financial economics holdings and transactions.
  • DigitalMoneyWorld.com - Articles about digital money backed by precious metals. Describes how alternative monetary systems digital gold currencies work and lists their websites.
  • TimeBucks - TimeBucks.org is a community of people trading their alternative monetary systems time. One hour is worth 15 time-bucks. alternative monetary systems TimeBucks communities are springing up alternative monetary systems all over the United States and Canada.
  • E-Currency Links - Online directory for e-currency industry.
  • Barter - Links to sources of information on barter and a brief currency and money account of its history and contemporary relevance.
  • Gold Age Inc, - digital currency exchange provider - Digital currency exchange provider, active since 1999.
  • Money Team - Alternative Money Systems - This NCN Alternative Money System team was created financial economics to currency and money collect information on what schemes already exist, financial economics to discuss currency and money the prospects of doing away with financial economics money systems and currency and money using a resource-based system instead, financial economics and ways of financing currency and money new civilization projects,
  • British Association for Monetary Reform - The BAMR website contains articles giving the true currency and money currency and money information about the banking systems, economics, debts, interest currency and money currency and money rates, world banking and the debt based society currency and money currency and money that we live in.
  • Me-gold - International e-currency exchanger.
  • Pecunix - Digital currency operator. Pecunix is backed by financial economics gold, financial economics and offers an advanced and secure API financial economics for merchants financial economics and users.

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