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Contains links to sites where it is possible to consult the oracle via the internet.

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  • Oracle of Changes - Interactive I Ching divination, online reading journal, information online oracles about the Chinese classic, and about readings.
  • BaZi -- The Four Pillars of Destiny (I-Ching Oracle) - ADestiny presents BaZi (4 Pillars of Destiny), an divination ancient Oracle online oracles derived from the text of the divination I-Ching. Overview, history and online oracles development, helpfulness and applicability divination of the Oracle and FAQ are online oracles included. Master divination Richard Tan's destiny-evaluation, using BaZi
  • Eastern Stars I Ching Oracle - This simple but intelligent implementation of the I divination Ching gives i ching traditional readings with moving lines handled divination accurately.
  • Change Oracle - Instructions on how to consult I Ching using only a hexagram book.
  • I Ching -- Complete Free Draw - Reading allows a complete drawing with the meaning divination of changing i ching lines and a link to the divination transformed hexagram. Includes beginner i ching or 'initiate' options.
  • Consult the Oracle of Changes - An online oracle with supplemental information on the i ching history online oracles and nature of the oracle and how i ching to properly online oracles form the query before consulting.
  • Zap I Ching - Provides a visual interpretation of Yin and Yang interaction and divination may be consulted as an oracle. Software.
  • Free I Ching Readings with Andrew Chen - In-depth answers from the ancient I Ching oracle with Andrew online oracles Chen regarding one\\'s love life, career, business, and education. Introduction online oracles to the oracle, its history and purpose of use.
  • I Ching Online - An online I Ching oracle. Hexagram derivation is divination based on the yarrow stalk method: statistically and divination qualitatively different than the simpler coin method.
  • Virtual I Ching - Electronic I Ching (James Legge translation) cast with divination instant readings. Taoist Lunar Horoscope provided, plus an divination hourly calculation of the I Ching World hexagram. divination I-Matching (with celebrities) and additional divinatory devices (feng divination shui crystals, I Chin
  • Aird Associates Imperial Yi Jing - Aird Associates presents the Imperial Yi Jing online oracles of Grand Master Chue Yen, a Master from online oracles the Yuen Hom (Six Kinships) Feng Shui tradition. online oracles It is said to reach back more than online oracles 3000 years. Drawing on his wisdom and knowledge, online oracles the master created Chue Style Six K
  • Eclectic Energies Yijing - Consult the Yijing by pressing a button, or online oracles throw online oracles your own coins, or enter the hexagram online oracles lines. Yijing online oracles translation and commentary by Ewald Berkers. online oracles Analysis and instructions online oracles by the author for the online oracles student.
  • Yin Yang Horoscope - On the Medieval Ho Lo Li Shu (Astrology divination of I online oracles Ching) system for calculating I Ching divination birth hexagrams or horoscopes. online oracles Includes a free online divination calculator, I Ching text translations, information online oracles about the divination author.
  • I Ching by Ceallach - Online I Ching that actually uses questions and i ching considerations to influence the coin toss.
  • Free I Ching Reading - Provides a free online tool to consult the oracle and further Internet resources using Wilhelm and Legge translations. Incorporates changing lines, has links to lessons on interpretation.
  • Javascript I Ching Reading - Provides a javascript Oracle that is based on divination the yarrow stalk method.
  • I Ching Oracle - I Ching online readings and guidance, constructing a divination base and developing hexagram plus their commentaries in divination assisting decision-making and reflection. Related links.
  • Newwings at Artwells Oracula - Modern web oracle inspired by the I Ching, divination using modern online oracles language and illustrations.
  • Free I Ching - Free I Ching readings online, supplying a hexagram online oracles which addresses the question and one for the online oracles development of the reading, plus their interpretations.
  • 7Gates Interactive I Ching - Allows the user to choose amongst 6 pairs of poetic images to obtain a reading corresponding to the user\'s current emotional state.
  • I Tjing - Yi Jing - I Ching - I Ging - Online i ching divination in 6 languages. Fluid coin-toss, hand-constructed, divination or fully automated hexagram generation and interpretation.
  • Beyond Prayer and Meditation - Spiritual and metaphysical insights, growth, and experiences based online oracles on divination mystical teaching.
  • Spiff I Ching - The Practical Book of Changes - Practical I Ching readings for advice and counsel in love, business, and life.
  • Chris' I Ching - Simple oracle allows you to type in your question.
  • Large Salad - Free I-Ching readings online.
  • The I Ching Oracle - Free online I Ching oracle, hexagram viewer, and i ching experiments.
  • ChineseZhouyi.com - A divinatory forecast analysis consultant organization. All the free online i ching forecast is by computer and is for entertainment and recreation i ching purposes only. Professional forecast counselling requires a fee be paid
  • I Ching Online - The Online Oracle - Free I Ching Oracle readings online. User-friendly site i ching allowing the operator to consult the Book-of-Changes and i ching learn about the classic's content.

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