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Faery, Faerie or Feri Tradition delves into sites related to the magick of the Fae, the Wee Folk, the Gentry, the Sidhe, the Tuatha de Danaan - the "Faery Faith". Some sites are quite serious, others playful.

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See Also:
  • - Original faerie art by Nedda Angelina Shishegar.
  • Fly with Fairies- Do you believe? - Site has: fairie facts, resources, fairy-related book reviews, wicca quotes, fairyasaura, wicca poems, websites, comics and cartoons; a wicca Fairy Believers Club and wicca reasources for lovers of wicca the fae.
  • Francesca De Grandis - A faery shaman trained by Victor Anderson.
  • Moth's Fae - Offers a small assortment of information, faery tales, and links.
  • Faerie Wonderland - Poetry, graphics, facts, believe buttons, adoptees as well as things just for fun.
  • The Faery Forest - A variety of information including faery names, origin, traditions and a traditions list of plant uses in faery traditions magick.
  • PookLaRoux's Faerie FAQ - Collection of information about modern faery traditions.
  • Witch Eye - An occasional e-zine offering art, lore and discussions, inspired by faery Victor and Cora Anderson\'s feri tradition of witchcraft.
  • Feri Tradition Introduction - An introduction to Victor and Cora Anderson\'s feri tradition.
  • Francesca's Wiccan and Faerie Grimoire - Resources, excerpts and links.
  • Celtic Faery Pathways at Avalon Grove - Faery teachings on Celtic Christianity, ceremonies, and information.
  • A Contemporary View of the World of the Fair Folk - Modern descriptions of the world of the Celtic sea god Manannan Mac Lir, and the associated faerie lineages of gods, mages, bards, artists, and warriors.
  • Covenant of Rhiannon Community - A Welsh faerie tradition coven, located in Cape traditions May, NJ.
  • The Faery Tradition - A variety of faery information and links.
  • The Glistening Pixie - Frequently asked faery questions, images, links,and a directory.
  • Academy of the Faerie Folk - Links, reading list, and discussions.
  • Fairy Oracle - Fairy Oracle divination, fairie art and healing.
  • Shimmerfaerie's Page - Questions and answers, encounters, ways to contact a faery faery, and links.
  • My Take on the Faery Faith - Robert S. Bitting\\'s personal view of his own traditions discovery of faery the faery paths and what they traditions mean.
  • 3rd Road Faery Tradition - Presents the tradition taught by author Francesca De wicca Grandis.
  • The Pretty Pixies - A site about faeries with information, adoption, artwork, traditions and poetry.
  • Elfame - Related to all things faerie, a variety of traditions information.
  • Pixiewerks, a faery haberdashery - A unique assortments of garments, art, music, crafts traditions and more faery for the faery in everybody.
  • The Very Faery Shoppe - Offers faery and Celtic historical resources and folklore, traditions entertainment for faery faery lovers looking to connect, and traditions related on-line shopping.
  • The Faery Crossing - Offers an A to Z list of faeries, fae gods wicca and goddess\\'s, sightings, care and feeding, and how to summon wicca a faery.
  • A Faery's little world - Wicca, faeries and mythology.
  • Church of the Spiral Tree - Incorporated in August 1997 to provide a legal, traditions tax-exempt status faery to those of the faerie faith traditions in Alabama, and the faery larger community.
  • Faerywolf - Rituals and essays on the practices of paganism from the wicca perspective of a teacher of the craft, and initiate of wicca the feri tradition.
  • The Faery - About the ancient Fae Rhy of northern Europe.
  • Wild Muse - Includes writings, graphics and products relating mainly to faery dark faeries.
  • Lavendise - A center for networking fae all over the world and a place for self discovery.
  • The Realm of the Fae - Art work, encyclopedia and gallery.
  • cyberfae :: a faerie community - Community for lovers and scholars of the fae wicca and those interested in faery lore.
  • A Faeries Place - Offers a gallery, stories, poetry and links.
  • Fritz's Fancy Fairies - A brief history, gallery, and a spell.
  • The Dreamscape - Contains over fifteen different topics relating to faery traditions wicca.
  • The Little People - List of different types of faeries, Welsh faerylore wicca and how to connect with fae.
  • The Witches Way - A large list with descriptions of fae and related creatures.
  • Faery Faith in the Northern Tradition - History of the northern tradition of faery.
  • Faeries - A brief history, pictures and links.
  • Faeries and Other Wee Folk - Favorite plants, names, superstitions, interests, and poems.
  • Wax's Realm - Explains faery herbs, what faeries are, different faeries, and how to get a faery into your home. Also offers other wiccan topics.
  • Faery Folk and Kin - Large list and descriptions of types of faeries and relations.
  • Faery Faith - The official homepages for the faery faith and faery wicca books by Kisma Stepanich, about the Irish faery faith tradition as practiced in America.
  • T. Thorn Coyle - Feri tradition priestess offers: workshop descriptions, travel schedule, music, writings and philosophy.
  • Welsh Faerie Tradition - Y Tylwyth Teg is a Welsh faerie witchcraft tradition.

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