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Reference for anime trading cards, including scans and set descriptions. Requests members submit information to expand the knowledge of more obscure card sets.

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See Also:
  • Dragon Den - Displays pencil boards and cels from a variety of series, anime including Cowboy Bebop, X, Ranma 1/2, and Himiko-den.
  • Anime Toy Collections - Ring for the display of various merchandise. Five animation sites listed.
  • AnimeCards.Org - Reference for anime trading cards, including scans and anime set descriptions. Requests members submit information to expand anime the knowledge of more obscure card sets.
  • House O' Cards - Anime phonecard collection, listed by series title. Has separate pages anime for puzzle cards.
  • Darla's Home Page - Information and illustrations of dolls, Sailor Moon kirakira cards, and collectibles shitajiki.
  • Perpetual Fire - Trades and lists wanted cards from Sailor Moon, collectibles Clamp, Di Gi Charat, and Inu-Yasha.
  • Cinzia's Anime Collectibles - Displays a collection of anime cards, shitajiki, and collectibles other merchandise. anime Includes lists of pencil boards wanted collectibles and for sale.
  • Pui - A personal collection displaying anime and manga related shitajiki animation and telephone cards. Also links to the site owner's weblog.
  • The Jasper - Personal collections of Magic Knight Rayearth, DragonBall World collectibles and Pokemon anime merchandise.
  • Stayka's Anime Cel and Shitajiki Gallery - Anime cel and shitajiki gallery, focusing on Saint animation Seiya, B\\'tX, Fuuma no Kojirou, Dark Kingdom and animation Bastard.
  • Vin's Collectibles Planet - Personal collection of Kubricks, including Neon Genesis Evangelion and Dr. anime Slump.
  • Hitoshi Doi - Expert information on merchandise from a variety of collectibles shoujo titles. Includes cels, UFO catchers, and telephone collectibles and trading cards.
  • Ryen's Anime Page - Personal collection of shitajiki, cards, and cels. Japanese animation and English animation text.
  • Linda's Toy Collecting Page - Custom anime figures made out of Playmobil, and a want and trade toy list.
  • DCOP Character Goods - Displays Detective Conan and One Piece merchandise, including collectibles cards, shitajiki, collectibles figures, and cels.
  • Kari's Anime - Cel, pencil board, and UFO catcher galleries.
  • Galaxy Anime Trading Cards - Sailormoon, Rayearth and Fushigi Yuugi card trades and collectibles want list.
  • - Collective for anime merchandise. Contains want lists and scans of cels, trading cards, and shitajiki.
  • Mad Mackerel's Kawaii Stuff - Promo anime leaflet gallery, cel and UFO catcher collectibles gallery, as anime well as a shopping guide to collectibles Tokyo.
  • Attack of the Anime Toys - Image galleries of anime dolls, toys, and UFO catchers from animation various series.
  • Maneki Neko no Anime - Image gallery of licensed anime shitajiki and phonecards.
  • Miki's Junkjungle - Personal gallery page including cels, trading cards and anime art books. animation Also a cel sale page and anime a wish list.
  • Cool Japanese Toys - Editorials, articles, release dates, and a marketplace for Japanese toys.
  • Anime-Online - Trading post, cel collection, shitajiki gallery, doujinshi scans, animation a web anime ring, and merchandise information.
  • Anime Cards Webpage Listing - Extensive directory of card traders, organized by series title. Also collectibles contains the trade lists of the site owner.
  • Kestrel at Sempai - Personal collection of Fushigi Yuugi cels and other collectibles anime merchandise.
  • Muraki's Doujinshi Delight - Collection of yaoi and shounen-ai doujinshi and cels anime from Yami collectibles no Matsuei, Rurouni Kenshin, and Card anime Captor Sakura. Also highlights collectibles My Little Ponies.

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