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A blog dedicated to covering anime and manga from Japan. Features commentary about various series and movies, and insights on the anime industry.

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Anime News Network* - Anime industry news and reviews. Features an encyclopedia, forums, surveys, and contests.
EX: The Online World of Anime and Manga* - News and reviews of series, music, and games.

  • Generation Otaku - A community for discussing anime, figures, manga, Gundam and other anime Japanese related topics.
  • Anime Daze - Features anime reviews, news, editorials, and interviews from 2002-2006.
  • Nanoda - A manga, anime and Japan news portal. Features wallpapers, fanart, and forums.
  • The Girl Nerd's Podcast - A podcast dedicated to anime and industry news anime and reviews as well as convention reports.
  • Giapet - A blog that covers anime news, manga, and anime conventions.
  • Sankaku Complex - Features articles on anime, manga, cosplay, and games from Japan. news and media Also includes an image gallery for sharing wallpapers.
  • Anime Dream - Features anime and manga industry news, anime soundtrack news and media animation reviews, and series information.
  • Anime UK News - Features news, reviews, and DVD schedules, from a United Kingdom news and media perspective.
  • Protaku - A blog dedicated to covering anime and manga animation from Japan. anime Features commentary about various series and animation movies, and insights on anime the anime industry.
  • Anime Corporation - Features news about anime releases as well as news and media reviews of popular anime titles.
  • Anime Mojo - Concentrates on news from the anime industry in Japan and America.
  • aNIme - Anime and manga news, reviews and release dates, news and media animation with information about related events in Northern Ireland.
  • - Features anime news, and reviews from an Australian perspective.
  • UK Anime - Anime News and reviews of anime releases and news and media animation J-Pop soundtracks in the UK and overseas.
  • Akadot - News, release dates, conventions, top ten lists and anime columns.
  • Anime Radio - Anime talk show that offers music, video reviews, news and media news and media and contests for listeners.
  • The Anime Academic Resource Page - Plain text copies of US media articles and anime reviews from anime 1992-2000 dealing with various anime and anime manga.
  • Otakuden - A blog that covers anime, cosplay, toys, PVC anime figures, and Japanese culture.
  • Ani-Gamers - Anime, manga, and video game blog featuring news, reviews, columns, a podcast, and more.
  • Animekon - Anime news, reviews, trailers, image galleries, and Japanese releases.
  • Neo Anime - A news blog and forum that focuses on the anime anime industry.
  • Desumatic - A user-driven anime and manga news site where anime the community news and media votes on submitted content.
  • Anime Web Radio - A weekly podcast show featuring anime news from Japan and around the world.
  • ASO Radio - Internet radio station that discusses issues regarding Japanese animation animation, comics, news and media music, and video games.
  • Anime News International - News site and forum dedicated to reviews of anime, manga, and toys.
  • Anime Tourist - News articles, interviews, editorials, photo galleries, forum, and directory of links from 2002-2006.
  • Anime News Service - A collection of anime news and reviews from news and media anime 1998 - 2007.

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