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Directory listing for Anime-related publications - magazines, electronic magazines, newsletters and fan-based magazines (or "fanzines").

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  • TCP Otaku - Reviews, previews, gallery, FAQs and cover stories.
  • Animefringe Online Magazine - Cover stories, interviews, reviews, editorials, forums, and archives.
  • Anime Jump - Anime reviews, feature stories, editorials, bootleg toy reviews, magazines and e-zines news and media and links.
  • At Anime - Magazine devoted to anime and manga, with features, anime reviews, commentaries magazines and e-zines and editorials.
  • Anifanatikku - Magazine featuring reviews, fan fiction, and editorials on news and media anime Otaku culture.
  • Animerica Online - Official site of the anime and manga monthly news and media anime magazine.
  • Anime Freak! Magazine - Dedicated to Asian entertainment and lifestyle. News, reviews, news and media and links.
  • Sleep is for the Weak - Reviews, articles, original comics, and fan pages.
  • Anime Work in Japan - Article giving a reality check to those wanting anime to be news and media an anime artist in Japan.
  • Denkyu - Informative monthly anime webzine.
  • Exploded Goat - Anime reviews, critical episode guides, and editorials. Also reviews movies, music, video games.
  • Xorsyst - Online magazine featuring anime and gaming news, cosplay, magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines manga, videos, and Japanese pop culture articles.
  • Tokidoki Entertainment Journal - News and reviews of anime, manga, and video games, as anime well as convention coverage.
  • Animeco Magazine - Online independent ezine.
  • Newtype USA - Official English version of the Japanese publication. Press magazines and e-zines releases, reader survey, subscription form, and submission information.
  • Anime - Monthly magazine featuring DVD, manga, and anime related news and media news and media book reviews.

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