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This is the category for Gundam-related role-playing game (RPG) sites except Gundam Wing's game sites, which has its own category.

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See Also:
  • Gundam Battle System - Message boards for discussing Gundam and related roleplaying gundam games.
  • Gundarium Storm - A message board-based Universary Century roleplaying game where players can games choose to be Newtype or non-Newtype characters.
  • Gundam Rpg - A chat-based rpg with selections of any mobile suits from gundam any Gundam series.
  • Gundam the Rpg - Chat room-based roleplaying game which combines universal century and after roleplaying colony factions and mechas.
  • Battle Gundams - An email-based role-playing game with wide range of selectable mobile games suits.
  • The Guerilla Faction - An AOL Chat based role playing game players gundam assume the role of guerillas against the Zeons gundam and Earth Federation.
  • Gundam RPG - A message board-based One Year War roleplaying game.
  • Zeon VS Federation RPG - An AOL chat-based One Year War role playing game with player statistics and item shops.
  • Infernal Onslaught - A UC-based Gundam RPG forum.
  • Gundam Universe - An email-based strategic role playing game based on the post One Year War era in the Universal Century.
  • Avia Skies - An AIM and message board based roleplaying game roleplaying which took roleplaying places 1000 years after UC Gundam roleplaying era.
  • Side 3 Invasion - An email-based role playing game which takes place in an roleplaying alternate universe based on the Universal Century.
  • Gundamwar RPG 3001: Quest of Fate - Chat room/e-mail based RPG with a variety of mobile suits games from Gundam saga to choose from.
  • Gundam War: Universal Century - A message board-based cross-universe role playing game.
  • Universal Century - A One Year War era Gundam RPG based on the games BESM (Big Eyes Small Mouth) game system, with rules, lists games of mechanics and links.
  • Gundam Gates - A message board and chat room-based roleplaying community.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Living Legends RPG - An email-based roleplaying game with players\\' message board, roleplaying chat room, games and fan art gallery.
  • Gundam Side Story: Crimson Stronghold RPG - Message board based roleplaying game based in the roleplaying post- Gundam games 0083 timeline.
  • Effects of Victory - An email-based Universal Century role playing game in the post-V games Gundam era (UC 0187).
  • Gundam Crossfire RPG - Chat room based RPG combining mechas and settings from different games Gundam timelines.

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