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An AOL chat room based role playing game with selection of mobile suits, upgrade and repair shops, rules on training and combats.

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See Also:
  • Gundam Wars RPG - Rules, joining information, member list and profile, weapon shop, and message board.
  • Gundam Wing RPG - Endless Waltz - Played on IRC. Located at #GW_Endless_Waltz on
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Endless Struggle - Players can also choose mechas from UC Gundam stories. [Message Boards]
  • Gundam Wing G Knights - Roster, joining, training, and news.
  • The Darkness Echo - Post-Endless Waltz all Gundam series roleplaying game with gundam wing interactive plot and synopsis, battle forums, weapon shops gundam wing and inventory. [IRC and Message Board]
  • Gundam Wing Mercenaries - Email and chat room based RPG, with picture gundam wing gallery, gundam wing mecha information, multimedia and links.
  • Heero and Duo's Gundam RPG - Roleplaying game, plus image gallery and interactive polls. [Yahoo Instant roleplaying Messenger]
  • Yahoo! Groups: The A.I.M.S - Post-Endless Waltz era roleplaying game group. [Play by roleplaying E-Mail]
  • Gundam Wing Nataku - Message board based roleplaying game with wide selections of mechas gundam wing and organizations.
  • The Beach - A humorous roleplaying weblog where players can assume gundam wing the gundam roles of GW characters in daily adventures.
  • Forever Zero - Post-Endless Waltz era game with stage synopsis, member gundam and organization lists, mecha/weapon shop and players\' forum. gundam [IRC]
  • Gundam Wing RPG - A MS Messenger based RPG with playing rules, gundam wing member gundam list, mobile suit and weapon shops, message gundam wing board and gundam FAQs.
  • Point Break - Game with weapon and mecha\\'s upgrade and customization. gundam wing [Java roleplaying Chat]
  • The Gundam Wing RPG - Rules and joining information, lists of factions, mobile gundam wing suits roleplaying and weapons, training field, gallery and message gundam wing board.
  • Ground Zero - Role playing game based on the settings and events in gundam wing Alternate Universe. [Play by E-Mail]
  • Gundam Mobile Suit: The Return to Forever - Combines the universes of G Gundam and Gundam roleplaying Wing. [Play gundam wing be E-Mail]
  • Duo's Ultimate RPG - Rules and character information; Mechas, weapons and repair shops; Mission and bases information. [AOL]
  • Gundam Fighters - Players can make up their own mechas and gundam characters. Members roleplaying list, characters, weapons, and pictures. [AOL gundam Chat]

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