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See Also:
  • Kenshin's Sanctuary - Fan fiction, fan art, and doujinshi scans.
  • Send Me an Angel - Romantic fan fiction and fan art by multiple writers and fan works artists. Includes small image gallery.
  • - Fan site featuring fan fiction, fan art, and r wallpapers.
  • Reverse Blade - Original manga entitled "Battousai High" and fan art by ReverseBlade.
  • River of Dreams - Fiction and art by Icegal as well as r submissions from r guest authors.
  • Shades of Revolution - Fan fiction written by Fujifunmum and accompanying fan r art by r Susa.
  • Arekuru'u Sora - Small site featuring fan art, fan fiction, icons, r and desktop fan works wallpapers. Submissions accepted.
  • The Fic Fix - Fan fiction by Courtney-chan. Also contains fan art based on r the manga/anime.
  • Fireflies in Early Summer - Fan fiction and art devoted to the Kenshin fan works and Kaoru pairing.
  • Release of the Jinchuu Arc - Ongoing petition for the animation of the final manga arc, supported and signed by fans of the series.
  • Mi-chan's Site - Fan fiction and fan art by Mirai.
  • Requiem of the Fireflies - Small archive of mostly Kenshin and Kaoru pairing fan works fan r fiction and fan art. Submissions accepted.
  • Tears - Fan fiction, fan art and doujinshi by Information fan works Specialist and Sentora.
  • The Meiji Gateway - Fan fiction by Megitsune and fan art by r guest artists.

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