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Small archive of stories inspired by the anime/manga. Also features submission guidelines and a message board for related topics.

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See Also:
  • Path of A Rurouni - Fan fiction written by Kyoko Saiki.
  • Chiruken's Palace - Features fan fiction written by Chiruken.
  • Yumi's Journal - Fan fiction focused on romantic relationships in the manga/anime series. Includes adult stories.
  • Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction Page - Works of fan fiction written by authors Angel, fan fiction Colleen, fan fiction Kirstian, and Sher.
  • A Twist of Fate - Features the Kaoru and Enishi story, "Stranger Than rurouni kenshin You Ever Dreamed," written by Madperson.
  • RA Corner - Archive of alternate pairing stories, song fiction and fan fiction parodies rurouni kenshin written by Alexis C. and Rurouni.
  • Shoukaittou: Song of the Sword - Features stories written by Night~Mare as well as fan works related rurouni kenshin fan art by the author.
  • All For Love - Fan fiction centering on Sanosuke and Megumi.
  • Calger's Anime Shrine - Fan fiction by Calger459 and Ranma1517730129, authors known fan works for rurouni kenshin their co-written omakes.
  • Cheerful Thoughts - Fan fiction written by RK LoverGurl and Shumi Seta. fan works Various RK pairings.
  • Akabeko - Fan fiction by Sekihara Tae. Also offers humor, rurouni kenshin scans, fan fiction and links.
  • The Nightwitch Tales - Madam Hydra\\'s fan fiction. Features the story "That Which Lingers," set in a world of sorcery and the supernatural.
  • K&K Fanfiction - A Kenshin and Kaoru fan fiction archive with rurouni kenshin stories fan fiction by many authors. Submissions accepted.
  • Akabeko Library - Small archive of stories inspired by the anime/manga. Also features submission guidelines and a message board for related topics.
  • Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu - Archives of fan fiction and links to other fan fiction sites with similar content.
  • Hanabatake Fanfiction - Multiple works of fan fiction written by Ardith. Some adult content.
  • Buuterfly Kiss - Kenshin/Battousai and Kaoru fan fiction archive organized by fan works rating. Submissions accepted.
  • The Battousai and Kaoru Fanfiction Shrine - Small archive offering fan fiction featuring Kaoru and Kenshin as Battousai.
  • Meiji Tales - Large categorized fan fiction archive.
  • This Corner Of The World - Alternate universe story set in the present day. fan works Yaoi/yuri fan fiction (same sex) pairings.
  • KFFDisc Archive - Official archive of the Kenshin Fan Fiction Discussion fan works Mailing List, including guidelines for direct submission and fan works links to other sites. Contains text files, separated fan works by fiction type and author.
  • Shishou M's Pavilion - Fiction and poetry by the site owner.
  • Winter Rain - Contains a multi-part story written by Aki-chan.
  • Rurouni Kenshin Fanfiction Webring - All pages containing Rurouni Kenshin fan fiction are rurouni kenshin welcome.
  • Indulgence - Mostly Kenshin and Kaoru pairing fan fiction written by Chibi-Angel fan works and co-authors. Includes an extensive online reading list.
  • Falling Snow - Fan fiction based on the Kenshin and Tomoe fan works pairing, many authors, submissions accepted.
  • The Heart of the Dragon - Multiple works written by Naomi, mostly based on the Kenshin fan fiction and Kaoru pairing.
  • Ashfae's Rurouni Kenshin Page - Fan fiction by Ashfae including her epic piece, fan fiction "The fan works Ties that Bind."

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