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Throughout the five seasons of Sailor Moon many characters have been introduced. In this category fan sites devoted to these characters are listed. If you are looking for a character and do not see them listed, try looking in the By Name category for alternate names.

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See Also:
  • Cyber Tokyo - Profiles for the senshi and various minor characters characters along with images and links.
  • Realmward - Images and background information on each of the senshi and sailor moon cats.
  • Mistress Moon's Silver Millenium - Profiles of scouts, secondary characters, and villains. Also includes sailor moon image galleries for each character and links.
  • The Shrine - General information on Princess Kakyuu and Chibi-Chibi. Also sailor moon includes s image galleries.
  • Pakman2's Sanctuary - Focused on Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, and Zoisite. sailor moon Thumbnailed animated GIFs, profiles, images, and links.

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