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  • Dark Side Of The Moon - Profiles for the villains of the first 4 villains seasons and villains the movies along with some images.
  • Andromeda - Devoted to all villains from the series. Images, animated gifs, characters sounds, videos and links.
  • The Negaverse - Information about the alien characters (Ail and Ann) sailor moon as villains well as the Black Moon Family, a sailor moon few fan villains fiction stories, and a "Negaverse Challenge" sailor moon quiz.
  • The Black Crystal: Other Villains - Lots of images of the Negaverse and the Death Busters from the video games.
  • Moon Shadows - Profiles, opinion of the characters, purity test, gemstones characters the villain\\'s names come from, mthology and fanart, characters mostly of Zoisite.
  • The Dark Moon - Character profiles, GIFs, image gallery, and a message characters board.
  • Chibi Usa's Black Side - Information on Jedite, Queen Beryl and Black Lady.
  • Gray With Envy - Dedicated to the villains from the TV series and the villains movies. Contains mostly images.
  • Cooan-chan's Fave Villains - Features small shrines to Cooan, Eudial, and TigersEye, with mostly villains screen shots.
  • Castle Of Villainy - Some information of characters from the 5 TV seasons. Has sounds, images, links and chat.

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