Sailor Mars Inners Sailor Senshi Characters

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  • Sailor Mars's Rec Room - Image galleries, MIDI files, and the secrets of sailor mars the sailor senshi X-files.
  • Fire Senshi's Realm - Profile, interesting facts, and information about attacks.
  • Crimson Inferno - Information, character analysis, and multimedia.
  • Flame Sniper - Profile, attacks, list of villain encounters, transparent GIFs, inners lists and sailor mars explanations of songs, and links.
  • Hikawa Jinja - Biography, AVI clips, fanfiction, and awards.
  • Eternal Burning Flame - Images, profile, movie summaries, and links.
  • Midori's Sailor Mars Shrine - Biography, list of attacks, and links.
  • Sailor Mars's Realm - Information on the character and the planet Mars, mythology, Shinto sailor senshi religion, images, fan art, and links.
  • The Fire Shrine - Images, profile, list of powers, general series information, sailor mars and links.
  • The Scout of Fire - Image collections and animated GIFs.

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