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Websites of a non-business nature related to animators and animation-related artists.

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  • Wray, Bill - BigBlownBaby - Animator and artist for titles such as Hellboy artists Jr, Batman.
  • John Whitney obituary - Director of UPA cartoons in the '50s.
  • Harry Smith Archives - Filmography, interviews, pictures, and resources related to the artists work of this visionary animator.
  • The World of Adam - Contains animation, music videos, illustration, performance, and links to points artists of interest for New York City artist Adam Shecter.
  • Bill Davis, Director/Designer - Animation and live action television commercials, illustrations and paintings by arts Emmy Award winning director, designer, illustrator and artist.
  • Animationman - Evert Brown, Emmy Award-winning animation director, designer, and animation animator is animation now doing freelance animation, storyboards, layout, animation directing, and production.
  • Schiedon, Fons - Illustration, graphic design and experiments in animation and webdesign.
  • Jo Claxton - Portfolio and resume of animator Jo Claxton. Illustration, animations, and artists storyboard sketches.
  • - Cyber community for film animators and the producers arts who use their services.
  • Jerry Leibowitz: A Creator's Work - An introduction to the artist\\'s work. From artists his creation animation of UPN\\'s animated show, "The Mouse artists and The Monster" to animation other endeavors including fine artists art, graphic design, cartoons, literature and animation music.

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