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Nostalgic 50s style cartoons and spoof ads by Wartella. Humor such as a meat farm instead of an ant farm, with maggots.

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Exploding Dog* - Single panel elaborate colorful stick figure art. You supply a title, and if it inspires the artist he draws it out.

  • Hagen Cartoons - "G"-rated cartoon series "It\\'s a Jungle out there!", which focuses on animals. Cartoons are available for commercial use in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and websites.
  • Minimum Security - Resistance through ridicule.
  • Berkeley Breathed - The official website presents cartoon strips, children\\'s books, past cartoon arts collections, and a history of Opus, Bill the Cat, Bloom arts County and Outland.
  • Contemplating Reiko - Got evil? Reiko Mouryou is everyone\\'s favorite sadistic cartoons little demon illustration girl!
  • Ackxhpaez - Nostalgic 50s style cartoons and spoof ads by Wartella. Humor such as a meat farm instead of an ant farm, with maggots.
  • Jihanian, Levon - Gallery of works by artist and cartoonist. Includes arts brief biography.
  • Attaboy - Illustrations of strange cartoon creatures.
  • Blunt Pencil - Comic illustration, caricature, cartoons, storyboard, industrial illustration, web animation, 3D sculpture, greeting cards.
  • Rawr!net - A new monster drawn every day.
  • - A site containing the art and design of illustration Marq Spusta. The artwork is very original and illustration fresh. Done in a surreal cartoon type of illustration style.
  • Feral Eye - Weekly cartoons by Australian cartoonist Terry Sedgwick.
  • Croquer la vie - Twisted illustrations and cartoons, done in a unique illustration style.
  • Dynoxicon - Features cartoons and illustrations by Martin Missfeldt reinterpreting illustration fine art masterpieces as giraffe pictures.
  • Happy Tree Friends - Cute, cuddly animals whose daily adventures always end up going horribly wrong.
  • Altar Ego - Christian cartoons and humor for Church and Christian publications by arts Cartoonist Len Jones.
  • Feecal the little chocolate starfish - Feecal is a deconstruction and investigation into the arts systems within cartoons, their embedded/subliminal messages and our arts obsession with toilet humour.
  • Mr.Oblivious - A cute little guy who just doesn\\'t get cartoons it. He cartoons never has and he never will. cartoons There\\'s a little Mr.O cartoons in all of us. cartoons Cartoons and comics.
  • - Cartoons of strange characters drawn with a unique illustration style. Warped illustrations of inventive scripture.

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