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This is a directory listing of sites covering the whole of the Transformers Universe from 1984 to the Present, classifying sites according to content. The future of Transformers appears promising as 2000 witnessed the release of an all-new toyline from Hasbro based on "Beast Machines"; "Transformers: The Movie" being re-released on DVD by Kids Rhino; BotCon; and the US release of the cel-animated Japanese TV series "Transformers: Car Robots" dubbed into English and re-titled "Robots In Disguise" with a full assortment of action figures from Hasbro based on TV show.

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Transformers* - Official US Hasbro product info site for all US-released Transformers toys, currently featuring toylines from the 25th Anniversary "Universe," the "Transformers Animated" TV series and the 2007 live-action film. Also includes broadband

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