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Theories, ideas, and practical workarounds from a voice-over specialist. "They come with no guarantee they will apply to your situation, but you may find them helpful."

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Voice Acting 101* - By Joe Bevilacqua. [Animation World Magazine] Highly informative article on breaking into voice acting. Includes photos and interview quotes from Joe Alaskey, Bob Bergen, Greg Burson, Corey Burton, Nancy Cartwright, June Foray, Lee Richard Harris, David K
How Do I Break Into Cartoon Voice Work?* - By Mark Evanier. [POV Online] An informative overview of the business of voice acting: its history, how it works and how to get in.

  • Having A Voice In The Industry - [Animation World Magazine] Gregory Singer offers advice to resources aspiring voice actors on how to get into resources the industry.
  • Jamie Thomason: Casting and Directing Disney Television - By Heather Kenyon. [Animation World Magazine] Insight into voice actors the voice actors business of voice directing, casting as well voice actors as advice voice actors for aspiring voice actors.
  • How To Choose A Voice Acting Workshop - [Animation World Magazine] Laura Schiff reports good, solid voice actors advice from the experts regarding what to look voice actors for in a voice acting workshop.
  • If They Mention Voice-Over Work, It's Just All Talk - By Howard Leff. [LA Times] Advice for beginners and aspiring voice actors.
  • Cartoon Voice History, Parts 2-3 - By Mark Evanier. [POV Online] Explains Screen Actors faqs, help, and tutorials Guild contracts for voice actors and the terminologies faqs, help, and tutorials used: sessions, incidentals, one-voicers, and multi-voicers.
  • 10 Steps to Voice Over Success - By Joshua Seth. [Animation World Magazine] The voice of Tai in "Digimon: The Movie" offers expert advice for aspiring voice over artists.
  • Ian Alexander - Hints, Tips & Tricks - Theories, ideas, and practical workarounds from a voice-over voice actors specialist. "They come with no guarantee they voice actors will apply to your situation, but you may voice actors find them helpful."
  • Competing Voices - By Adam Worcester. [Puget Sound Business Journal] It\\'s almost impossible to survive in the crowded voice-over market by doing strictly local gigs.
  • How to be a Voiceover Professional or at least Act Like One - By Jim Staylor. [Staylor-Made Communications] Tips, tricks and faqs, help, and resources tutorials techniques including what to do before, during and faqs, help, resources and tutorials after a VO recording session, and advice from faqs, resources help, and tutorials performers, agents, directors, and audio engineers. [PDF format][PDF]
  • Tony Oliver on 'Adventures in Voice Acting' - [Anime News Network] Interview explaining anime dubs and voice-over workshops.
  • Getting That First Voice-over Role - Compiled by Heather Kenyon. [Animation World Magazine] What casting and voice-over directors look for, and how they choose who they choose - the "do\\'s" and "don\\'ts" to help you set yourself aside from the pack and capture that coveted
  • Voiceover Casting Site Goes Live - [Animation World Network] A new site has been faqs, help, and tutorials designed to connect voiceover talent with casting directors, faqs, help, and tutorials agents, animation studios and advertising firms via the faqs, help, and tutorials Internet.
  • Voice Study - Dr.Charles Northrup offers vocal exercises to develop your voice actors resonance and pronunciation in preparation for auditions.
  • Digital Voices - Tips on developing a professional website to promote voice actors your resources voice work and how to reply to voice actors e-mail inquiries.
  • Getting Started In Voiceovers - By Bill Murray. [voiceovers.com] Expert advice from a professional.
  • 9 Basic Steps for Vocal Success - Sample lesson from Bob Corff's "Speakers Voice Method".
  • An Interview With Kris Zimmerman On Voice Directing & Timing - By Laura Schiff. [Animation World Magazine] Interview on resources how to resources approach nailing down the best performance resources time after time.
  • How to Make a Voice Demo Tape - [TalentPoole.com] A voiceover talent agency offers 10 tips for making faqs, help, and tutorials a demo.
  • Ms. Communications - P. Catherine Shanks\\' "voice tips and articles on vocal technique resources for speakers and singers". Currently featured: breathing techniques.
  • How To Get Started In Voice Acting - By James R. Alburger. [VoiceActing.com] Detailed excerpts from Alburger\\'s book "How To Get Jobs For The Voices In Your Head."
  • Acting In Brief - By Dr. Charles Northrup. Online acting lessons for the beginner faqs, help, and tutorials to advanced actor.
  • Saban, SAG Struggle Over Digimon Dub Dispute - From Animation World News.

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