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Many free articles, instruction, workshops, advice, radio software, and streaming audio for radio professionals everywhere. Also features the complete "Whole O Catalogue" full of career-enhancing publications.

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The Art of Voice Acting* - James Alburger, award-winning producer, voice acting instructor, professional voice-over artist, and author of "The Art of Voice Acting" offers expansive resources for learning the craft and business of performing voice-over.

  • Stars N - Collection of voice talent, radio talent and voice actors. Web animation design services for cost effective and professional web pages.
  • - Resources for aspiring voice actors, including articles, interviews, voice actors sound voice actors files, and forum.
  • - Providing affording, high-quality, streaming audio website design for voice actors voiceover resources professionals.
  • A.F.T.R.A. - "The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists." animation Union voice actors representing professional actors, dancers, singers, and animation broadcasters. Features: news (contracts; voice actors newsletters; forums); performance rates animation covering all mediums; FAQs; industry links
  • - Many free articles, instruction, workshops, advice, radio software, and streaming voice actors audio for radio professionals everywhere. Also features the complete "Whole voice actors O Catalogue" full of career-enhancing publications.
  • Actingbiz - The Online Actors Resource - Provides free acting information and resources for actors and actresses animation of all ages. Includes articles about agents, managers, casting directors, animation auditions, and other aspects of the industry.
  • The Screen Actors Guild - Union representing film and television performers. Offers a number of services to its members, such as news, calendar of events, contract information, and a list of franchised agents. Of interest to non-members: glossary of entertainment industry terminol
  • - The voice actor\\'s online news and resource center for voice-over voice actors success, featuring industry news, tutorials, directories, links, equipment and book voice actors stores and more.
  • Acting Workshop On-line (AWOL) - Valuable and beneficial resource for beginning actors, with vital and practical information every actor needs to know. Features an extensive list of instructional books on acting, articles, and a large treasury of acting-related links.
  • International Dialects of English Archive - Collection of freely downloadable recordings of real people animation speaking English in their own native accents and animation dialects. Nearly 300 4-minute MP3 samples available.
  • Media Guilds International - An umbrella non-profit organization providing networking and resources for voice animation actors and on-camera talent, including seminars, workshops and showcases.
  • The Online Communicator: The Voice Lab - Includes training tools to develop vocal skill, plus annotated, downloadable voice actors voice performance samples for study. Also explores artificial voice synthesis voice actors and its implications for human actors.
  • BackStage.Com - The Performance Arts Resource - news and articles resources on agents, resources personal managers, auditions, casting notices across resources the US, performance tips, resources and other crucial information. resources More services available to subscribers.

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