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Toronto, Ontario, studio offering instruction for a career in radio and television commercial voice-over, documentary narration and character voices for animation.

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  • Voicetrax West - Los Angeles, California, studio offering low-budget voice-over recording, demo tape production, tracking, editing, post-producing, writing, directing (radio spots, toys, cd-roms, or books on tape), and voiceover classes, workshops, and seminars for those
  • TVJobs - "Broadcast Employment Services - An Internet-based employment service training dedicated to training helping you find employment in the training highly competitive broadcast marketplace."
  • Voiceworx - Toronto, Ontario, studio offering instruction for a career professional services in training radio and television commercial voice-over, documentary narration professional services and character training voices for animation.
  • Edge Studio - Helping voice-over artists advance their careers since 1988. Determine your potential with training, demo production, workshops, free industry newsletters, guidance sessions, resources, coaching and evaluations.
  • Dolores Diehl's Voiceover Connection - The highly-respected and recommended "Academy of Voiceover" in California, offering workshops, workouts and seminars to all levels of experience. Includes training opportunities "in every discipline of voiceover".
  • Developing a Female Voice - Transgender site offering effective techniques on how to training train your training voice to be female without surgery. training Entire course available in training RealAudio format.
  • The Voice And Speech Trainer's Association - VASTA\\'s worldwide organizational network offers news and resources professional services on conferences, workshops, publications, and membership. To hire professional services a VASTA member for voice training, see the professional services link for "Professional Index by Country/State".
  • Voice One - Voice training school in San Francisco, California, teaching training all styles of radio commercial, narration and special training projects.
  • - Organization helping to organize and assist those in professional services need voice actors of understanding the talent industry. Offers introduction professional services guidebook with voice actors resources and information for anyone interested professional services in learning how voice actors to become a voice artist.
  • MJ Productions - - For those wanting a creative experience in developing professional services their voices for animation, commercial, theatrical or public professional services speaking, and for producers and directors for audio professional services production or books on tape, and casting talent.
  • Voicemaster - UK-based company providing training for beginners, corporate sales, actors and professional services broadcasters.
  • - Voice-Over eCenter by voiceover professional Julie Williams: audio training seminars to voice actors learn at home, workshops, books, free training newsletters, and FAQs.
  • The Art of Voice-Acting - By James R. Alburger. The San Diego, CA area voice coach offers training in mic performance as the only voice trainer in San Diego with a book on the market, and eleven regional Emmy Awards. His training focuses on acting techniques, not just reading copy
  • Radio Connection - On-The-Job Training in local major Radio-TV Stations, Recording voice actors Studios, and Record Companies. Part-time, nights, weekends. voice actors Flexible - train around your current job.
  • The Great Voice Company, Inc - Susan Berkley offers voice-over training via workshops, seminars voice actors and teleclasses, as well as voice shaping for voice actors salespeople. Includes free newsletters, blog, advice and articles, voice actors instructional books, and other professional services.
  • Sound Advice - Offers three forms of voiceover training and instruction: one-on-one orientation, coaching, and in-studio workshops.
  • Charles Michel's The Winning Voice - Voice improvement for business speaking, voice-over training, talent professional services agency for professional voice artists.
  • Airwave Communications - Learn how to make money with your voice voice actors by doing radio and TV commercial voiceovers with voice actors the comprehensive training package "Put Your Mouth Where voice actors The Money Is."
  • Brain Tracks Audio - California school operated by Nancy Wolfson lists its voice actors curriculum professional services and rates.

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