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Sam and his fellow characters depict the good, evil and off-center of modern society. A regular animated series and related streaming media features.

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See Also:
  • Adopted By Aliens - Animated series about a 12 year old foster web child adopted web by a family of eccentric extra-terrestrials.
  • WTF Chuck - Flash series focusing on the trials and tribulations animation of Chuck, web a recent college graduate.
  • Cooking with Bigfoot - Features include archive of episodes, Happy Hour cartoon, animation how to animation and best of sections.
  • Reaching for Lucidity Animated Adventures - Animated fantasy adventures.
  • The Retired Porn Producer's Guide to... - Animated series featuring a retired porn producer.
  • Thinking Impaired - Flash animated series about eight boys and the mischief they web get into.
  • Valley Of The Cnuties - Eight part Flash animated series about The Cnuties on their musical journey to find a new home and a better life.
  • - Animated flash movies with strange animals.
  • Toon Life Online - Original animated web series, play games, puzzles, interact with the series toon characters
  • Twisted Jenius - Entertainment created by villains, for villains.
  • Monsieur Gustave - A serial animated flash movie about a young animation French girl and a daemonic carrot. Features episodes, animation news and contact info.
  • - Watch animated movies with Bulbo in a variety web of situations.
  • The Killer - Flash series based on the French comic by Matz and series Jacamon about the madness that inhabits the world of a series Hitman.
  • Deserted - Flash animated web cartoon about desert animals stuck animation with each series other in an unforgiving, desolate wasteland.
  • Hotel - An Interactive Comic - A surreal series that takes place in the web anonymous space of an extraordinary and strange hotel.
  • Sampson the Teenage Boy and Friends - This is a series about an autistic teenage animation boy who series works hard with a team called animation the Ripways and tries series his very best. This animation series also tries to be G-rated, series not R-rated.
  • WhirlGirl - The online animated episodic adventures of a freedom fighter in web the 21st Century.
  • PoshLust Productions - Animated weblog of Loki the Cat from Hell.
  • The Old Man Show - Flash series about Fred and Frank, two old men.
  • Sam the Dog - Sam and his fellow characters depict the good, evil and web off-center of modern society. A regular animated series and related web streaming media features.
  • Arcane Flash Resort - The Labyrinth Flash series dealing with the escape web of Red.
  • Clipal - Features include Flash-based animation series such as Super Fly, Unforgotten, animation Greenfields, Primal war, Thamesis.
  • Nivan Animation Studios - Flash series featuring Costanza Falcon and the Dimwits.
  • Lilredhead Studios - Animated adventures of Captain Archer and his crew.
  • Puccaclub - Official site, with animations, games, e-cards, character profiles, animation merchandise information, and downloads. [English and Korean]
  • The Adventures of Kip the Dolphin - Monthly feature also stars Dollie and Pufster. Includes episodes, a store and a guest book.
  • - Animated series featuring Blockhead.
  • Xombie - An animated action/drama series about the ongoing adventures of zombie characters.
  • Stick Girl - Flash-based, black and white series revolving around a animation line art animation character.
  • Duel in Ether - A fantasy series chronicling the clash between two web master assassins.
  •! - Home to the animated series Sheriff Benson and DeweyHigh! Also web includes movies, games, and music.
  • Nigel and Trevor - The home of two British school boys who series seem to animation spend less time studying and more series time getting into trouble.
  • The Little Buzzers - The animated adventures of three colorful sprites.
  • Strindberg & Helium - Animated stories of August Strindberg and his floaty friend, Helium.
  • 5 Kids in a Car - Rock and roll animated cartoons about life and series fantasy.
  • Calico Monkey - Toon Boom cartoons where the people are the animation pets.
  • Metal Gear Awesome - Metal Gear Awesome Flash animated series.
  • Douggie Dinosaur - Flash series about an out-of-work cartoon dinosaur.
  • We Are Robots - An animated series documenting the lives of robots.
  • Tales of the Samurai - Short animations detailing the wanderings of Jubei, the series chunky and animation slightly incompetent Samurai.
  • Ill Will Press - Foamy Squirrel cartoons and merchandise.
  • Tails of Rootton High - Original animated shorts and other content, set in animation a fictional web high school.
  • The Adventures of Edward the Less - Features comedic episodes set in a fantasy world, from the writers of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Includes an image gallery, interview, cast and characters.
  • Series - Collection of Flash animated series.

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