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Former Fine artist Feric realized the fine art was not for him, and moved on to Graphic design and Animation. Includes story board, character design, the visual art gallery and links collection.

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See Also:
  • GlobZ - A desktop by itself. Made in Flash, with animations interactive games, development frameworks stories and toys.
  • - Offers Flash games, ecards, and animated cartoons. Includes animations illustration and design services.
  • the fray - Popular for its random and industrial aesthetic, this animations experimental project is a regular hangout for Flash animations enthusiasts. The Fray accepts and publishes experimental Flash animations submissions from web designers around the globe.
  • Man In a Box - Relatively simple Flash animations used for a daily performance with animations text and voice.
  • The Joe Cartoon Co - Features cartoon humor, games, downloads, satirical comments, links to shopping.
  • 3TOON interactive - Interactive cartoons for the Internet as well as games and animated webcams.
  • Oprosti - Flash Animation design company, productions including "Facts of Life".
  • Symbolman, the International Symbol Animation - A story told only using international symbols
  • MagicPen - Flash animations and cartoons
  • Happy Kipper - Games and cartoons channel, featuring reviews , ratings, development frameworks classifications animations and screenshots of games and cartoons from development frameworks all over animations the web
  • Milko Music Machine - Create your own music video. A cool shockwave production.
  • Dumb-Dumb - Flash cartoons, 3D animation, and interactive experiments.
  • Groove Chamber - Flash-Animated adventures of Chutney the Cow, Ramu the development frameworks Hindude, animations Angus MacLeod the barefooted Highlander and Otis development frameworks the Cat.
  • Officine Pixel Web Animation Gallery - Officine Pixel presents the "Italian way" of Flash flash animation. The collection includes the well-known "Fivezerozero".
  • Feric - Former Fine artist Feric realized the fine art development frameworks was development frameworks not for him, and moved on to development frameworks Graphic design development frameworks and Animation. Includes story board, character development frameworks design, the visual development frameworks art gallery and links collection.
  • - Online entertainment supplier, featuring full-lenth Flash cartoons like Minimus the development frameworks Gladiator.
  • Homestar Runner - Original web cartoons and games
  • Ninjai: The Little Ninja - Follow the adventures of Ninjai - the little flash Ninja, as development frameworks he travels the ancient world.
  • Digitalkomix - Interactive and self running animations using Flash technology plus digital and analogic artworks by Andrea "andywar" Guerra
  • Rubberfish Creative Animation Experiments - Showcase for alternative Flash animations, including "The World development frameworks of animations Ms Swat," our animated latex lady of development frameworks leisure.
  • Patent Place - interactive "comic creation" site
  • Sobjoy Cartoons - Samples of simple cartoons, made quickly to order flash for commercial customers.
  • Gooberland - Short Flash animations - Humorous
  • - Flashcartoons was designed to pass up the time. development frameworks If development frameworks you don\\'t want to pass the time, development frameworks go do development frameworks something productive. Features Flash Cartoons on development frameworks Super Mario, Zelda, development frameworks Little Nemo and many other development frameworks animations.
  • InteractiveTHEATRE - Online webisodic programming for audiences and advertisers. animations Our goal is have our content syndicated on animations the major entertainment destination sites.
  • Von Ghouls Cartoon Page - Home of animated Flash cartoons, featuring the creepiest, kookiest band of ghoulish punk rockers ever to pile into a psychedelic camper van.
  • Bitey Castle - Scary stories, funny stories, true stories and lies, development frameworks all told using flash animation, pictures, sound and development frameworks text.
  • Muffin Films - A dozen Flash animated films about baked goods. Delicious animation!
  • Radiskull & Devil Doll - Home of Radiskull and Devil Doll, 2 evil animations cartoon characters. flash They talk, sing, rap N stuff. animations Featuring Flash animations by flash Joe Sparks. Also see animations production notes about animating in Flash flash and other animations items.
  • Dutchway or the highway!! - Animation of Pedro\\'s journey in Holland. Based on our personal experiences here living and studying in the Netherlands. A fun and entertaining project created by Claudia Cossio and Lely Susanti
  • I Want My Flash TV - Showcasing Flash-generated film shorts created by independent creators. Catalogues development frameworks include action, experimental, comedy, commercials and music videos.
  • Jumping Jokes - Interactive cut-out cartoons created with Flash, black humor development frameworks in the manner of Terry Gilliam - Monty development frameworks Python
  • Whitehouse Animation - The Mr.Man series, and other funny Flash animations.
  • FlashBooty - Stylized retro Flash animations, links and examples.
  • Joe Sparks Creator of Radiskull & Devil Doll - Official web site of Joe Sparks, creator of development frameworks Radiskull and Devil Doll, Spaceship Warlock, and Total development frameworks Distortion.
  • Theodore Ushev experimental web project - Free Flash design project with movies and Flash-art.
  • Funky Afro Haircut - Give cliched haircuts to an ever expanding roster animations of animated development frameworks characters. Watch them dance.
  • Tom Leykis Show Animations - Intro to the upcoming Tom Leykis Show parodies. Animations created with Macromedia Flash.
  • - Includes collection of artistic creations using HTML techniques animations and Flash flash animation, designer portfolio, streaming media.
  • Toon Toonz - Flash toonz - cartoons and animations.
  • Flash Hog - Quickie flash cartoons, funny flash joke, web entertainment
  • T-Bone's - The Stress Relief Aquarium, the Crash Test Dumbass, Alcohol and development frameworks Ammo, interesting interactive Flash animations.
  • Sandro Corsaro Animation - A small L.A. studio providing original Flash animation. Specialize in flash streamlined custom character animation.
  • JibJab - Animated cartoons and riddles. Famously known for flash political parodies.
  • The Fish Show - Animated cartoons, comix, live alternative radio and pointless ranting from development frameworks the legendary west-coast radio collective.
  • Percy The Chicken - The animated adventures of percy the chicken.
  • Melon Design - Interesting Flash art-animations.
  • Nosepilot - Flash animation/art project. High quality music, artwork and animations animation.
  • eMovie - Web site of visuals and sound effects: photos gallery, flash animations animations, movies clips and electronics musics. Video and graphics production.
  • Flashberry - Design and download intros by combining free templates with personal development frameworks text, links, and jpg files.
  • Themonkeytype - A web story
  • Bunsella - Macromedia Flash/Shockwave animated cartoons targeting all politically incorrect subjects.
  • Flash Animation Studio - As a leader in internet Flash animation, Flinch development frameworks Studio animations provides character animation, episodic animation, and flash-enhanced development frameworks web design animations services.
  • - Cartoons and games. The humor is a little twisted, though.

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