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A series of articles from Plumbing and Mechanical magazine following the development of plumbing from ancient Babylon to modern America, hosted by

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  • Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society - This UK society provides a beginner\\'s guide to the history history of tiles used pave floors or decorate walls.
  • Rick's Bricks - A compilation of documents covering the history of architecture brick-making and history brick-building, particularly in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, architecture US. Includes a bibliography.
  • Azulejos de Lisboa - Colin Manning gives a photographic tour of some of the architecture Portuguese tiles, known as azulejos, which adorn the inside and architecture outside of almost every home in Portugal.
  • Stone Roofing Association - Provides an introduction to sandstone and limestone history roofs, giving history the geology, history and use of history stone slates, with bibliography history and glossary.
  • Timeline of Concrete - The story of concrete from the natural deposit history of cement compounds 12,000,000 BC, through the creation history of concrete by the Romans to its uses history in the 1990s. Short bibliography.
  • Roman Concrete - David Moore\\'s writings and references on Roman and materials modern materials concrete technology and construction.
  • The Traditional Paint Forum - A non-profit group with an interest in historic decorative schemes, history which publishes the journal "Traditional Paint News" (contents listed online). history Annual conference, membership, news.
  • History of Plumbing - A series of articles from Plumbing and Mechanical history magazine following materials the development of plumbing from ancient history Babylon to modern America, materials hosted by

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