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Illustrated and referenced essay on the role of sensuality and the classic nude figure in memorial and cemetery sculpture around the world. From Northstar Gallery.

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See Also:
  • Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture - The University of Durham hosts information on this history publication project. Includes images and a map showing history the counties covered by each volume.
  • The Tello Obelisk - Photographs, description and discussion by James Q. Jacobs of this visual arts prehistoric carved granite monolith from Chavín de Huantár in Peru, visual arts with bibliography.
  • Sensuality in Memorial Art - Illustrated and referenced essay on the role of visual arts sensuality and the classic nude figure in memorial visual arts and cemetery sculpture around the world. From Northstar visual arts Gallery.
  • City Creatures - Gallery of photographs of the carvings found on history buildings around the world.
  • The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland - A searchable text and image database. A British history Academy Research history Project hosted by the Courtauld Institute history of Art.
  • End of Europe's Middle Ages: Sculpture - Part of a University of Calgary tutorial with history photographs and history narrative from Gothic sculpture as an history architectural component to free-standing history Italian Renaissance sculpture.
  • Wodan Still Speaks - Photographs by Guido Deseijn and Gerda Verheeke of sculpture Romanesque and Gothic sculptures on medieval religious buildings sculpture in Europe, suspected to represent the old pagan sculpture god Wodan or Odin.
  • Liverpool's Peter Pan - A collection of people\\'s memories and photographs of the Peter history Pan sculpture from Liverpool's Sefton Park.
  • Glasgow - City of Sculpture - Over 200 biographies of sculptors and architects, with visual arts hundreds of photographs covering the history of sculpture visual arts in Glasgow.
  • Tribute to Four Sculptors from Zimbabwe - John and Bernard Takawira, Brighton Sango and Henry history Munyaradzi created a vital African movement in modern history sculpture with their work in serpentine. On-line exhibition.
  • Dupagne, Arthur (1895-1961) - Belgian Africanist Sculptor.
  • Indian Sculpture and Temple Ornamentation - Images and historical notes by Shishir Thadani relating to Indian visual arts sculpture and temple carvings, from Image India.
  • Meteorite Taipei - This meteorite collection includes ancient Chinese artifacts sculpted visual arts from meteorite. Photographs and descriptions.
  • History of Sculpture - Educational guide to the history of sculpture by Jack Bookbinder visual arts covering everything from the statues of ancient Greece to modern visual arts American monuments.

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