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Quest by Kathryn Price Theatana into the history, etymology and magic of the Sheela na Gigs, mainly from a wiccan point of view.

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Sheela Na Gig Project* - John Harding aims to document and photograph all of the Sheela Na Gig carvings in the UK. He includes an overview and bibliography of the topic.

  • Satan in the Groin - Anthony Weir, author of "Images of Lust", discusses history and displays sculpture photographs of exhibitionist carvings, both male history and female, on mediƦval sculpture churches.
  • Wikipedia: Sheela Na Gig - A detailed, illustrated article from the online collaborative history encyclopedia, which discusses the origin of the name history of these figures and what they are meant history to represent. Includes a bibliography.
  • Ireland's Sile na Gigh - Gabriel Cannon presents photographs, descriptions and location details history of all the known Irish sheelas, with book history list, trivia, links and author profile.
  • Tara's Sheela-na-gig Website - Descriptions and images, possible interpretations, bibliography, and links, sheela na gigs history compiled by Tara McLoughlin.
  • The Real Sheela - Offers a theory as to what the words \'Sheela na Gig' really mean.
  • Sheela-na-Gigs - Historical overview and interpretations, compiled by Jack Roberts.
  • Enter Sheela World - Quest by Kathryn Price Theatana into the history, history etymology and history magic of the Sheela na Gigs, history mainly from a wiccan history point of view.
  • Sheela Na Gig - Fethard Historical Society report on the local Sheela history na Gigs, including the stolen Kiltinan figure.

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