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Traces is a career resource for the international stone sculpture community which features news, opportunities, and a virtual gallery. In English and Japanese.

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See Also:
  • Art Reach - An information site for sculptors featuring links to arts art supplies, schools, opportunities, competitions, grants, residencies handlers arts and journals.
  • Sculptor's Web Ring - List of links to the websites of sculptor\'s sculpture original works.
  • Art Horse Studio - A sculpting firm offers gothic and contemporary sculpture for residential, sculpture corporate, or commercial art applications.
  • Traces Stone Sculpture Journal - Traces is a career resource for the international stone sculpture community which features news, opportunities, and a virtual gallery. In English and Japanese.
  • Save America's Treasures - A private/public initiative to document all monuments and sculpture outdoor sculpture in the United States and to sculpture help communities preserve outdoor sculpture.
  • Khalsa Studio - Glass, metal and mixed media artworks for commercial or individual arts projects.
  • Soapstone Carving - Some images of soapstone carving with links to arts original sources.
  • Espace Sculpture - Canadian sculpture magazine with interviews, in-depth articles and visual arts special arts issues related to various aspects of three visual arts dimensionality.
  • Whetton and Grosch - Scenic artists, sculptors, makers and designers who create props, backcloths, sculpture models, replicas.
  • Biscuit Run Studios - A stone carving studio in Charlottesville, Virginia which visual arts offers entry-level apprenticeships and classes.
  • Stone Foundation - A resource for stoneworkers, masons, restoration specialists, and sculpture other people pursuing careers in stone.
  • UNIKA - A group of sculptors present their wooden artworks sculpture at the sculpture yearly fair in Val Gardena, Italy, sculpture where wood carving is sculpture a tradition. Dates and sculpture details.
  • Kijak Studios - A moldmaking, modelmaking, sculpture services company providing information arts and products for art and industry.
  • Pearl River Wood Carvers - Mid-Mississippi wood carving club\\'s classes, demonstrations and information visual arts on visual arts the annual wood carving show and competition.
  • World Sensorium - A global social-olfactory sculpture by Gayil Nalls conceived as a visual arts monument to the planet and humanity at the millennium.
  • NP Glass - Designers and creators of elegant and colorful glass sculpture objects for visual arts a full range of decorative and sculpture functional uses.
  • Social Sculpture Research Unit - The Unit promotes and addresses interdisciplinary creativity and the relationship between the aesthetic, social process and sustainable development.
  • GlassArt - Contemporary Czech art glass gallery and exhibitions.
  • Salvador Rosillo's--- Face On Mars - First Sculpture about the Face On Mars First presented in public at a press conference in Manhattan NYC, at the same time Pathfinder was landing on Mars in 1997.
  • National Park Service Monuments Program - Provides assistance to parks and other constituents in visual arts the US in the care of public sculpture visual arts and monuments. Services, publications, and training.

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