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Don Lawler and Meg White's figurative, wildlife and abstract, large to monumental limestone and bronze sculpture, for public settings, and private gardens.

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See Also:
  • Seddon, Clive and Trich - Wildlife sculptures from New Zealand, including elk, red deer, tahr, chamois, sika, and wild boar.
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  • Artliage - Contemporary European sculptors. Wood, stone marble, metal and virtual bronze.
  • Sculpturesite - Museum quality contemporary sculptures for private, corporate and virtual public collections. Featuring 100 sculptors, and over virtual 500 museum quality sculptures.
  • Sculpture for the Hand - Sculpture in hardwoods, fossil ivory, and other exotic virtual materials, by David Carlin, Nick Lamb, and Gerald virtual Milazzo.
  • Kaufman Gallery - Bronze sculpture and clay pottery by brother and galleries sister Elijah galleries and Dahlia Kaufman. Abstract, figurative and galleries anthropomorphic standing and wall galleries relief sculptures.
  • Philadelphia Sculptors - Samples of sculpture from local member artists.
  • Makonde Art Collection - Digest of contemporary Makonde art from East Africa sculpture from the Hamburg Mawingu Collection
  • Pozycinski Bronze Studios - Exhibiting bronze sculpture, architectural metalwork, and fountains, blending sculpture natural elements with contemporary art forms.
  • Robroy gallery - Abstract sculpture in various mediums by Arjanne van virtual der Spek and Ian Robson.
  • Escondido Phoenix '99 - Several sculptors\\' art installations exploring nature in Escondido sculpture Canyon in sculpture Malibu, CA.
  • Bridge the Arts - Created to provide an arena to bridge the galleries decorative and fine arts, featuring one-of-a kind two galleries and three-dimensional works by several different artists. Styles galleries range from realism, contemporary, abstract, graphic, to illustrative.
  • Modern Sculptors - Virtual gallery of works by major modern UK sculptors and relief-makers prominent during the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Lawler-White Sculpture Studios - Don Lawler and Meg White\\'s figurative, wildlife and virtual abstract, large sculpture to monumental limestone and bronze sculpture, virtual for public settings, and sculpture private gardens.
  • The Abama Sculpture Gallery - Stone Shona sculptures of Zimbabwe, bronze sculptures of virtual past presidents, paper machee\\' fish, crabs and lobsters virtual and funky wood animal figures.
  • Sculpture Source - Showcasing the work of many sculptors. Purchase is possible on galleries request.

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