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A basic definition of the movement, whereby clicking on the title or the icon in the upper left corner will lead to two picture galleries.

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See Also:
  • Art Nouveau Furniture - Furniture maker Julian Hamer illustrates his inspirations, chiefly art history Art Nouveau architecture and furniture, but also modern art history sculpture and Celtic and Maori art.
  • Violet Books: Art Nouveau Ghosts and Others - A pictorial gallery of rare dustwrappers and ornate periods and movements bindings of antiquarian fantasy and supernatural fiction.
  • Antique Jewelry Online - Art Nouveau Jewelry - Small page that describes details of the style specifically in terms of jewelry design.
  • Quia Quiz: Art Nouveau Furniture - A series of multiple choice questions testing knowledge of the art nouveau movement with a photo example with each question.
  • Suite 101: Jugendstil, Art Nouveau, or the Age of Doodling - An examination of Art Nouveau that attempts to art nouveau make art nouveau correlations with the act of doodling as art nouveau an artistic art nouveau act.
  • Artcyclopedia: Art Nouveau - Provides brief overview of the movement along with art nouveau a chronological listing of Art Nouveau artists.
  • ArtLex on Art Nouveau - Background information, artists, examples of artists\\' works, and art history resource art nouveau links.
  • Magazine Antiques: Art Nouveau 1890-1914 - Extremely detailed history about the Art Nouveau movement as well as the characteristics of the style.
  • Tile Image Gallery - Small collection of pictures demonstrating the Art Nouveau art history style art history in terms of ceramic tile.
  • Art Nouveau Sampling - Examples of Art Nouveau commercial posters.
  • Art Nouveau at Artchive - Description of Art Nouveau movement with links to art history information about Gustav Klimt, Aubrey Beardsley, and Alphonse art history Mucha.
  • Anatomy of an Exhibition - Art Nouveau, 1890-1914 - Information about the development of the National Gallery\\'s art nouveau well art nouveau known exhibit.
  • The Art Nouveau Collectors Site - Provides a reference guide and other practical information art history for periods and movements Art Nouveau collectors.
  • Roland Collection - Art Nouveau - Sites with information about particular aspects of the style, with video samples from a corresponding documentary film on each one.
  • European Art Nouveau - A basic definition of the movement, whereby clicking on the art history title or the icon in the upper left corner will art history lead to two picture galleries.
  • Art Nouveau Section - A personal site that presents details about glassware and home periods and movements furnishings in the style.
  • Art Nouveau Lamps from Europe - Art Nouveau lamps created by Armindo Da Costa art history and art nouveau made with a brass patina.
  • Art Nouveau World Wide Server - Text information about the Art Nouveau/Jugendstil period, including definitions, derivations, artists, some photographs, and a FAQ.

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