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Jane Burden (1840-1914) was the daughter of a stableman aged 17 when 'discovered' by the Pre-Raphaelite artists in Oxford. She sat regularly for Dante Gabriel Rossetti whose admiration for her became an obsession, and in 1859 she married William Morris.

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  • Jane Morris - Photograph by J. Robert Parsons, posed by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, pre-raphaelites 1865.
  • Photos of Jane Morris - Photos of Jane Morris by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, with notes. pre-raphaelites From an exhibition of Pre-Raphaelite photography.
  • Evelyn De Morgan - Portrait of Jane Morris - A 1904 portrait of the Pre-Raphaelite model Jane Morris, by Evelyn De Morgan. Chalks on brown paper laid on canvas.

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