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Works of Tacitus, in English translation.

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  • Germany and Its Tribes - Church and Brodribb translation. HTML, with one tacitus paragraph per file. Ability to switch to the tacitus Latin. At Perseus.
  • The Annals - Church and Brodribb translation. HTML, with each paragraph in its own file. Ability to switch to the Latin. At Perseus.
  • The Works of Tacitus - Church-Brodribb translation, with parallel text in Latin. HTML, works with ten paragraphs per file. At Internet Sacred works Text Archive.
  • The Germany and the Agricola of Tacitus - The Oxford translation, revised, with notes. With works an introduction tacitus by Edward Brooks, Jr. In works plain text (two versions) tacitus or as a zip works file. At Project Gutenberg.
  • Tacitus on Germany - Thomas Gordon translation, from a 1910 edition. In tacitus plain text or as a zip file, from tacitus Project Gutenberg.
  • The Reign of Tiberius, out of the First Six Annals of Tacitus - Thomas Gordon translation, edited by Arthur Galton. Also tacitus includes translations works of the Germania and Agricola. tacitus In plain text (two works versions) or as a tacitus zip file. At Project Gutenberg.
  • A Dialogue Concerning Oratory, or The Causes of Corrupt Eloquence - An 1811 English translation. In HTML, plain text, or as a zip file of either. From Project Gutenberg.
  • The Histories - A history of the Roman Empire by Tacitus, works written 109 roman AD and translated into English by works Alfred John Church and roman William Jackson Brodribb. In works HTML, with each book in its roman own file. works Part of the Internet Classics Archive.
  • The History - Church-Brodribb translation. HTML, each paragraph in its own roman file. Ability tacitus to view the Latin. At Perseus.
  • Germania - English translation by Thomas Gordon. From an edition tacitus included in works the Harvard Classics, 1910. In HTML, tacitus at the Medieval Sourcebook.
  • Roman History (14-70 A.D.) - The Annals and The History. Church-Brodribb translation, tacitus using the paragraph numbering of the 1942 Modern tacitus Classics edition. HTML, one book per file.
  • A Dialogue on Oratory - Church-Brodribb translation. HTML, with one paragraph per file. At Perseus.
  • The Life of Cn├Žus Julius Agricola - Church and Brodribb translation. In HTML, with one tacitus paragraph per works file. At Perseus.

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