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40 oz Comics. The official site, with information on past and current projects, previews to download and some general art samples.

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  • Minter, Ken - Online strips, illustrations, and sketchbook.
  • McGregor, Don - Cyberpad. Writer of Sabre, Zorro, Detectives Inc., Hopalong m Cassidy, Ragamuffins, comics and Alexander Risk.
  • Milazzo, Tone - Freelance comic writer spotlighting various samples and projects.
  • Melia, Sergio - Information and drawings.
  • Moriarity, Pat - Information and art samples. Including extracts from Loop-de-Loop, creators a rather comics absurd comic strip from the music creators magazine The Rocket.
  • Mahfood, Jim - 40 oz Comics. The official site, with information on past and current projects, previews to download and some general art samples.
  • MacNelly, Jeff - Information about the cartoonist, with a paintings gallery and daily creators helpings of his comic strip, Shoe.
  • Martin, Mark - Creator of Gnatrat and Crazy Boss. Author information, online creators strips, animations, collaborative games, and letters from fans who think creators he is a race car driver.
  • Medley, Linda - Information on Castle Waiting and the Trilogy Tour, m as well creators as merchandise information.
  • Medina, Wayne - Aspiring comicbook artist looking for feedback from his peers - creators includes gallery.
  • McLeod, Bob - Comic pages from a variety of Marvel and m DC titles, paintings, commissioned art, profile and resume.
  • Mordillo, Guillermo - Illustrator and animations creator from Argentina. Includes his m biography, and cartoon gallery.
  • Mullins, Nick - Story samples from Litmus Test as well as illustrations and poetry.
  • Mhan, Pop - Illustrator for Dark Horse, Marvel, Wildstorm. Image comics gallery, story of the artist\'s career, and art comics for sale.
  • Moore, Leah - Freelance writer of comics, scripts, articles, and short stories.
  • Miller, Jeff - Comic and fantasy art. Features information and examples of authors work.
  • Moshe, Gabi - Alternative comic creation and publishing. Site features complete works-catalogue creators and information about the artist.
  • Mathieu, Marc-Antoine - From The Continuity Pages, summary of this French artist's work.
  • Messner-Loebs, Bill - Homepage of comic writer and artist Messner-Loebs with, a.o., a rather extensive checklist.
  • Mandrake, Tom - Official site. Portfolio, behind-the-scenes, merchandise, contact info, and message board.
  • Milligan, Peter - The Continuity Pages. A study of the miscellaneous comics works, with comics graphics and links.
  • Madden, Chris - Cartoons about the environment, gardening, and space. Profile, m contact information creators and comic gallery.
  • McKeever, Sean - Eisner award-nominated writer of "The Waiting Place" as comics well as m numerous comic book titles from Marvel comics Comics and other publishers.
  • Moore, Dean - Black and white cartoons by Australian cartoonist.
  • Moore, Tony - Official site of Eisner-nominated of Image\\'s \\'The Walking Dead\\' and others. Features biography, weblog, and image gallery.
  • Miller, Lorna - Online strips, illustrations and book information from this creators Scottish cartoonist ("Witch").
  • Mosley, Zack - Official site. Vintage cartoons especially for aviation buffs creators and World War II (WWII) veterans. Original art creators for sale.
  • McFarlane, Todd - Creator of "Spawn", McFarlane Toys, and "Angela."
  • McGarry, Steve - Creator of the daily strips Badlands and Pop Culture, as well as many syndicated sports and entertainment features.
  • Millar, Martin - Offers his complete Tank Girl book for free, comics along with online comics.

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