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Producing a fine selection of comics and illustrations as well as imagery for broadcast Television in NZ, Japan and around the world.

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  • Morpheus Forge Entertainment - Artwork, news and information on comic projects; features sketchbooks, sequential creators pages, and the latest updates on our progress.
  • Toon Studio - Australian cartoonists, caricaturists and animators; samples and portfolios.
  • Platinum Studios - Multimedia comics and comics-to-film company created by Scott comics Rosenberg, former head of Malibu Comics.
  • Hollywood Comics - Representation agency for comic creators, most notably, Moebius, Caza, Jay creators Stephens, Julie Bell and others. Features online portfolio\\'s, news creators on media projects and items for sale.
  • BackBreaker Studios - Prints, animation, original artwork, online comics, and commissions from Baron Engel and Christina "Smudge" Hanson.
  • Skydog Comics Studio - Funnies, realistic, illustrations, 3-D sculptures, licensed figures, Marsupilami, creators The World studios of Schnecksnyder. They develop and deliver creators all styles of comics studios in every technique, for creators the German and International market.
  • Chaotic Harmony - Home to Snuggle Bumb, Force One, and a slew of other upcoming comics.
  • Hey Cat Illustrations - Site features the comic book art of Clayton comics Crain.
  • Double Eye Studios - Official site for the comic book, Blood Shed, creators with merchandise creators and downloads.
  • Millennium Studios - A comic book development and design company features comics biographies of creators and galleries of their various comics works.
  • Harmonart Studio - Home of Ava Cain and the comics "Pizzaman," comics "Spygirl" and studios "Superbitch."
  • Deadcity Comic Books - Alternative studio and publisher of independent creator owned comics comic books. Includes comic books, merchandise, previews, conventions, comics comic shops and information about artists.
  • Nimbus Studios - Specializing in computerized comic book coloring and design with over creators 12 years of combined experience in the comic book industry.
  • Splash Color Studio - Comic book coloring and Computer Graphics. Gallery of comics art and comics links.
  • - Content developer for entertainment, digital animation or old fashioned comic studios book production.
  • Micro Brew Studios - Full-service art house for your publishing needs.
  • Epic Proportions - New York based studio. Introduction, multimedia, characters, and studios sample pages. [Flash intensive]
  • AXIS Grafix - Christian comic book company.
  • Konsequential Studios - Producers of independent comic named \\'A Monk\\'s Tale\\'. Includes news, comics, gallery, store and information about studio and contact.
  • Sypher Studios - Gallery of surrealistic art and animation. Shockwave enabled.
  • Little Projecta Studios - Producing a fine selection of comics and illustrations as well as imagery for broadcast Television in NZ, Japan and around the world.
  • Comic House Amsterdam - Cartoon and Animation agency in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with portfolio\\'s and information for cartoonists like Peter De wit, Luc Cromheecke, Glen Baxter, Hanco Kolk and others.
  • cryin' shark studios - Home of the Silverfish Gallery and comics creators comics Crazy Bob and John Q.
  • Electric Cool Aid Productions - The Anti-Trend.
  • MadCow Studios Ltd. - The online portfolio and gallery of artwork including comic and studios graphic art from artist Ken Haeser.
  • Crazeecomics - Information on stories and characters.
  • Jolly Roger Studio - Comics, Art and Skulduggery. Full line of services comics including design, illustration, television, and film.
  • Semantica - Gallery of Vampires, Anne Rice\\'s characters, fantasy, Yaoi sections, Elven, studios angels, science fiction, and original comics.
  • Hyperwerks - A comics, design and entertainment company. Includes artist biographies and creators samples.
  • Sabre's Edge Associated Studios - Association of freelance artists and designers who create creators comic book, comics web pages, and other graphic art.

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