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InterCom is an e-mail discussion list devoted to foreign comic where foreign means comics that did not originate in the United States and comics means comic books, newspaper comic strips, editorial cartoons, graphic novels and comic albums.

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  • Comics and Stories - InterCom is an e-mail discussion list devoted to fan pages foreign comic where foreign means comics that did fan pages not originate in the United States and comics fan pages means comic books, newspaper comic strips, editorial cartoons, fan pages graphic novels and comic albums.
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  • Super Marketing - A selection of weird ads from classic comic books. comics Including Sea Monkeys and Live Bats.
  • SelfPublishing - Mailing list for those writers/artists interested in self-publishing arts independent work, primarily for those with goals arts toward small-press runs of comic books
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  • Bamdad's Math Comics - Private collection of comics, cartoons and strips about fan pages math.

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