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Shoujo manga by artists like Chiho Saito, Chie Shinohara, and Yu Asagiri; free manga images such as postcards and calendars; webring.

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Emily's Random Shoujo Manga Page* - Over 60 summaries and descriptions, message board, images, common plot devices, "phone book" overview, how to buy, and links.
Zahara's Favorite Shoujo Manga Authors* - Personal opinion and discussion of shoujo mangaka. Includes manga scans and information.

  • Ribon Database - Information, images, links, and manga-ka for titles in manga Ribon. Also shôjo summaries for Minto Na Bokura and manga Yuukan Kurabu as well shôjo as merchandise images.
  • Aestheticism - Comprehensive source on shoujo, shounen-ai, and josei manga. genres Reviews, editorials, genres shoujo/yaoi references and recommendations.
  • Image Garden - A site dedicated to rather unknown shoujo manga genres such as Never Give Up or Yorozuya Toukaidou genres Honpo.
  • Girls' Horror Comics - Includes a magazine list and bibliographies for Takakazu Nagakubo, Chie Watari, and other artists.
  • Thiep Anime & Manga - Free anime and manga e-cards from Candy Candy, manga Cardcaptor Sakura, genres Daa! Daa! Daa!, Fullmoon Wo Sagashite, manga Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Time genres Stranger Kyoko, Marmalade Boy, manga and other series.
  • 2 Many Nakayoshi - Series descriptions, cover image gallery, and purchase information.
  • Kendappa's First Homepage - Image galleries for Marmalade Boy, Zetsuai\\'s Koji Nanjo, genres Chiho Saito, manga and CLAMP.
  • Mageb - Information of magakas and their work - shounen genres and shoujo and other categories. [English and Spanish]
  • Anime/Manga Dreamland - Synopses, character profiles, and image galleries for several genres anime and manga series.
  • LiaCyntia's Manga-World Synopsis Page - Synopsis pages of manga available in Indonesia. Includes Princess Army, genres Crystal Dragon, Orpheus no Mado, and Glass no Kamen.
  • Shoujo Manga in the USA - List of releases in the United States, companies, and FAQ.
  • Paperthin Pleasures - Bishounen images, variety of titles with images and descriptions, ISBN manga numbers, FAQ and links.
  • Manga Alley - Image galleries of Card Captor Sakura, FFX, Chobits, manga Fushigi Yuugi, Sailor Moon, and Ah, My Goddess!
  • OtakuTranslations - Offers manga scans, reviews, summaries, and translations of shôjo manga series such as Fushigi Yuugi, Kare Kano, Tsubasa, Angel Nurse Ririka, and Angel Sanctuary.
  • Rainbow's Shoujo Manga Page - Summaries including Peach Girl and Duck Prince.
  • MangaArt Archive - Shoujo Manga - Shoujo manga by artists like Chiho Saito, Chie genres Shinohara, and Yu Asagiri; free manga images such genres as postcards and calendars; webring.
  • Nerea's Shoujo Archive - Series synopses and images for multiple series, including genres Good genres Morning Call, D.n Angel, Kimishika Iranai, genres Fushigi Yuugi, Andante, Clover, genres and Suki Dakara Suki. genres [Requires frames]
  • Shoujo Manga Releases Newsletter - Monthly newsletter listing new Japanese shoujo manga releases.
  • Yahoo Groups: Shoujo Manga List - Unmoderated, public archives, email attachments allowed.
  • Fruit Bowl - Cover scans, ISBNs, and pictures of various manga.
  • Shoujo Manga Home Page - A cultural anthropologist\\'s introduction to shoujo manga. Essays, manga manga history, manga links, and information.
  • Nami's Space - Ribon Translations - Sora Sora, Five, Baby Love, and Penguin Brothers character profiles, overviews, translations, links, and fan art.
  • WAFF: The Shoujo Connection - Contains scans, images, and summaries, of shoujo manga, genres such as shôjo Paradise kiss, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, genres Mars, Fruits Basket, Binetsu shôjo shoujo, Gals!, and Akuma genres de sourou.
  • Captured - Shrine that promotes lesser-known titles such as MARS, Paradise Kiss, shôjo Pretear, and Fashion Boy Is Cool. Contains images, summaries, links shôjo and where to buy manga.
  • Beautiful Illusions - Reviews, descriptions, and character profiles of many shoujo manga.
  • Nakayoshi's Homepage - Highlights titles in Nakayoshi, such as Card Captor Sakura, Saint Tail and Super Doll Licca, with images, translations and summaries.
  • Amie Monthly Girls Comics Magazine Page - Images, translations and news for Clover, Rain Kiss genres and Nervous Venus. Also cover scans, ISBN numbers genres and poll. Magazine stopped publishing in 1998, genres page not updated since 1999.
  • Lijaka's Shoujo Manga Page - Information about assorted manga and the magazines containing genres them, including manga Ribon, Margaret, Comic Crimson, and Young genres You. Includes pictures, mangaka manga information, and plot summaries.
  • Energetic Heartbeats - Overview of shoujo in general, shoujo lingo, overviews of some shôjo series (some with image galleries), list of shoujo anime, list shôjo of Japanese shoujo manga publishers, links to manga/anime translator teams, shôjo and links to mailing lists.
  • Hana to Yume Mailing List - Discussions of current and past series. Archives and shôjo translations for manga members only.

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