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Features author information, pictures of completed items, an original drawstring purse pattern, links to online patterns, and pages of how-to's and tips.

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  • Crochetroo - A crocheter whose work is inspired by her knitting and crochet personal pages Australian homeland. Includes patterns.
  • Angela's World - Home of La Vonne\\'s Not Just Knits. Professional knitting and crochet crochet designer from Toronto, Canada offers samples of her knitting and crochet crochet work and free crochet patterns for a doll knitting and crochet crochet hat, dishcloth, motif, and adult hat.
  • Ricochet - Lynda in upstate New York offers free patterns for bed and fashion dolls, crochet tutorials with illustrations, abbreviations used, and photos of her projects.
  • Crochet Originals - Pictures of original designs to get ideas from.
  • Marianne's Creative Home 2001 - Designer sharing photos of completed pieces. Multi-colored one-piece knitting and crochet personal pages afghans, sweater-jackets, ponchos, and other original creations.
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  • C is for crochet - Extensive list of crochet links and resources arranged alphabetically. Original crochet patterns, filet and wire crochet are covered in separate categories.

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