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A Yahoo groups area to put your two cents in about experiences you've had as a crafter in a greater Philadelphia area craft show.

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See Also:
  • Siam Styles - Siam or Thailand community crafts.
  • Flea Market Finds - The restoration of finds from flea markets as well as lap quilting, wall hangings and bird feeders.
  • Collys Hobbies - Cross stitch, teddy bear making, parchment craft cards, crochet, information arts about author.
  • strykers asylum - Original paintings and art stage designs.
  • Pam's Place Family Friendly Crafts - Family friendly crafts for all ages. Offers pictures arts and step-by-step crafts directions.
  • Sherrie's Art Work - An artist trying to find her ideal medium, crafts with galleries crafts including mosaic, stained glass, fused glass, crafts porcelein, ceramic and other crafts mediums.
  • Cottage Holmes Creations - A craft club by post, covering as many crafts as personal pages members allow. First few are artists (painting with oils-watercolours), cross personal pages stitch, and dolls house building.
  • Penny's Parchment Craft - Galleries of Pergamon card designs.
  • Sandberg, Greg - California artist Greg Sandberg\\'s online gallery features artwork made of personal pages clay, glass, metal, and wood.
  • Charlotte's Web - Pictures and links to patterns for beaded crochet, crafts tatting and greyhounds.
  • The Online Hideout - A collection of links, project instructions, personal information, crafts and handmade arts books.
  • Rose Arbor Crafts - Information and resources for professional crafters and hobbyists. Free mailing list, weekly craft newsletter, craft business articles, and patterns.
  • - Things to make and do, things to look arts at, and personal pages tales to brush your teeth by.
  • Ibecrafty Handmade Cards - Card craft gallery including aperture cards, embossing, 3D arts stickers and crafts decoupage crafts, categorized by occasion.
  • Elizabeths Parchment Cards - Personal gallery of handmade greetings cards crafted in parchment, card, and other materials.
  • Creative Korner 2 - Photos of original craft designs in jewelry, and crafts crochet afghans.
  • Valerie's Home Base - Some favorite recipes, some computer artwork, and some personal pages folk music links.
  • Country Crafts - Tips for crafts. Freebies including patterns, newsletters, message boards, and crafts links.
  • Wendy's Crafty Hands - A personal pictorial history and description of Wendy\\'s crafts embroidery, lacemaking, beadwork and parchmentcraft projects, to encourage crafts anyone with a love of fibre arts.
  • Yvonne's Cultural Images - Egyptian, African American and ethnic ceramics: heads and masks.
  • Georgia's Ceramics - Handpainted ceramics gallery and links to information about arts the author\'s pets.
  • Philly Craft Show Experiences - A Yahoo groups area to put your two cents in about experiences you\\'ve had as a crafter in a greater Philadelphia area craft show.
  • Who is Eros Rex? - About handmade pipe cleaner artwork.
  • Scottoons - Ceramic clay creations including Monsters, Gargoyles, and Jack-o-Lanterns, crafts as well as some games, t-shirts for sale, crafts and experimentation with photography.
  • Professor Wonder - Ideas for balloon animal crafts and magic tricks.
  • Heather's Crafts - A how-to site with links and favorite crafts.
  • Hans Mittendorf - Paintings, sculptures, multimedia, electronic music, and research.
  • Holiday Art - Holiday art and crafts that have come from personal pages art history and holiday traditions. Paintings, photographs, and personal pages artistic crafts..
  • My Heart, My Art - Gallery of silver charms, watercolors, and polymer clay crafts items designed and handcrafted by Marty Woosley.
  • Snowdove's Creations Artwork - Watercolors, Polymer clay, Hobbies, Personal interests, prayer page, search, links, personal pages Christian.
  • Tales of a Laughing Cavalier - A literary experiment both in media brodcast and crafts character development arts of an ongoing project.
  • Sawyers-Specialties - Hundreds of useful craft sayings, links to resources and free personal pages patterns throughout the web.
  • Jill's Customized Clip-Art Designs - Custom, personalized, name clip art pictures. Gifts for baby showers, arts birthdays, and Christmas.
  • Sue Ellen Wilder - Watercolor artwork handpainted on silk and various mediums.
  • Neal Chips - Clay chips with an illustrated Neal.
  • AngelSan Creation - Contains photos of finished craft projects including weaving, cross stitch personal pages and embroidery, tutorials, and a blog. [English and French]

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