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Gallery of the artist's custom-designed mosaics created from a wide variety of materials, plus information about classes, recommended books and links to related websites.

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  • Mosaic Arts - South African designers and makers of hand cut decorative and architectural mosaic for residential and commercial projects in glass, smalti, ceramic and marble.
  • Suzi K. Edwards   - Florida based artist who creates visionary mosaics, and elegant tile mosaics art.
  • Bobbie's Mosaics - Artist using a variety of materials with custom crafts work available.
  • Jonathan Mandell Mosaics - Portfolio includes both religious and nonreligious imagery. Artist creates work mosaics by commission and for gallery exhibition, and his work includes mosaics 3D pieces as well.
  • Mosaics from the Cathedral of Eufrasius - Byzantine mosaics from a cathedral in Croatia.
  • Solomosaico - The Art of Artists - Stephanie Hediger uses plaster and metal as a arts support structure for her mosaic sculptures.
  • Brunetta Mosaics - Mosaic artist in Ravenna, Italy.
  • Mosaic and Shard Links - Directory of links to mosaic artists and studios.
  • Mosaic Creations - One-of-a-kind artwork, tables, mirrors, wall hangings and lamps created from mosaics granite, marble, stained glass and vintage Italian glass.
  • J. Iskander Mosiac Studio - Tulsa artist Jacqueline Iskander\\'s gallery of recycled objects crafts transformed into arts mosaics.
  • Mosaic Art School - Mosaic workshops in Ravenna, Italy.
  • Artwork Mosaics - Greek site featuring Byzantine and modern mosaics, history, techniques and pictures of the Nea Moni Monastery in Chios.
  • Swan Mosaic - Indoor and outdoor mosaic art by artist Xuan My Ho. Xuan\\'s style makes use of organic materials scattered throughout the art pieces.
  • Will de Vries - Custom exhibited mosaics in the Netherlands.
  • Mosaics All The Way - This husband and wife team integrate their custom mosaics mosaic art mosaics within both community and residential spaces.
  • Rolling Fog Design Mosaic Art - Functional mosaic products. Mosaic tables, mirrors, and personalized designs.
  • Mosaics Travisanutto - Artistic mosaics in marble, stone, glass and venetian mosaics smalti. Fabrication of mosaic for floors in marble mosaics and wall mosaics in glass.
  • Riverson Fine Mosaics - Pictorial mosaics of animals, gods and sealife by commissioned artist plus encrusted sculptures and architectural elements.
  • Mosaic Matters - Online mosaic magazine, covers a wide range of subjects dealing mosaics with the art of mosaic. Includes global listings of classes, mosaics suppliers and events.
  • Emma Biggs Mosaic - Contemporary mosaics from this talented artist, teacher and arts author
  • Mosaic Studio and Gallery - New Jersey based mosaic art gallery, mosaic supplies, mosaics mosaic workshops arts for beginners through advanced. Mosaic parties mosaics for ages 7 to arts 107.
  • Carolina Zanelli Mosaicist - Italian artist and teacher at the Mosaic School mosaics of Spilimbergo, mosaics creates commissioned works and offers private mosaics workshops for both adults mosaics and children.
  • Mosaika Art and Design - Specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of mosaics large-scale mosaic crafts art, in hand-glazed ceramic tile, marble mosaics and glass.
  • The Mosaic Maker - Mosaic art installations for home and garden created crafts from glass, arts tiles and stone.
  • Mosaico Network - Italy-based site with information on books, courses, CD arts ROM, publications crafts and a gallery of mosaics.
  • - Step by step guide to commissioning a mosaic mosaics from artist mosaics Gary Drostle.
  • Dyanne Williams Mosaics - Dyanne Williams is a Los Angeles mosaic artist arts specializing in fine art and architectural installation.
  • Sonia King, Mosaic Artist - Gallery of the artist\\'s custom-designed mosaics created from mosaics a wide arts variety of materials, plus information about mosaics classes, recommended books and arts links to related websites.
  • The Joy of Shards Mosaics Resource - A large site devoted to mosaics, including instructions crafts for mosaic arts making projects, illustrated articles on mosaics crafts in the UK and arts Europe plus a mosaic crafts gallery.
  • Mixed-Up Mosaics - New York-based artists offering colorful designs in glass, arts marble and mosaics tile. Murals, floor treatments and tables arts for restaurants, night clubs mosaics and offices.
  • Elizabeth Raybee Mosaics - Based in Potter Valley, CA mosaic artist and crafts teacher offers workshops and video for learning contemporary crafts technique. Gallery of works and exhibits.
  • Donna Reeves Mosaics - Online portfolio of mosaics for the kitchen, bathroom, crafts garden and mosaics commercial spaces.
  • Mosaica Artisana - Custom designed mosaic art for commercial and residential mosaics installations, created arts using glass, stone, porcelain and metal mosaics tiles.
  • Gary Drostle - Murals and mosaics for landscape and architecture from mosaics London-based artist mosaics Gary Drostle.
  • Urschel l'Artisan - Contemporary and traditional mosaic art plus shields and arts coats of arms. Based in Carling, France.
  • Zebra Mosaic - Mosaic tables, stands, bathroom additions and garden decorations mosaics created by Sophie Verrecchia in Australia.
  • Via Mosaiikki - Custom mosaic projects for professional and private clients, mosaics plus mosaic crafts courses offered in Espoo, Finland.
  • New Ravenna - Handcrafted marble and glass mosaic floor and wall coverings.
  • True Mosaics - Laurel True, artist specializing in architectural, sculptural and public art mosaics for public or private business and residences.
  • Lori Greene - Mosaic art for individuals, interior designers, contractors and architects.
  • Rosalind Wates Mosaics - Pictures and information on mosaics from this workshop, arts with examples of public and private commissions.
  • Classical Mosaics - Computer consultant turned mosaicist with gallery and works in progress.
  • Jo Braun - Studio Ravenna LLC - Artist creating art and architectural installations from salvaged crafts or recycled crafts stone, porcelain, and glass for public, crafts commercial, institutional, and private crafts clients. Includes biography, resume, crafts and information on exploratory work and crafts commissions. Seattle,
  • Opus Mosaics - Decorative mosaics for the home. Includes online brochure, crafts profile and arts upcoming events. Based in the UK.
  • Pixel Mosaici - Lea Ciambelli\\'s mosaic workshop based in Ravenna, Italy. crafts The workshop carries out restoration of antique mosaics crafts as well as creating new mosaics.
  • Inspired Mosaics - Educational, commercial and public mosaics in England. Also classes.
  • Cathy Money Mosaics - Images of the artist\\'s mosaic works, influenced by arts the colours and lifestyle of Australia's Sunshine Coast.
  • Sylvie Rabussier-Rouet - The work of this French mosaic artist.
  • Cole Sonafrank's Mosiac Links - Links to mosaic forums, magazines, history lessons, other mosaics resources and mosaics studios.
  • Zantium Mosaics - Alison and Peter Massey\\'s Derbyshire Peak studio creates arts custom mosaics crafts and painted murals. Also offers arts arts and crafts courses.
  • Big Bang Mosaics - Massachusetts artist Cynthia Fisher’s fine art mosaics gallery, crafts featuring commissions arts and installations.
  • Nagy-arts - 3d mosaic designs and inlays from Claudia Nagy.
  • Mosaic Art by Ray Zovar - Contemporary or representational wall hanging, furniture or mosaics freestanding art created from chips of porcelain with mosaics inlays of stained glass, exotic woods, metals, marble, mosaics and granite.
  • Kim Emerson Mosaics - Based in San Diego, her projects range from mosaics large public crafts art projects to garden and pool mosaics designs for private residences. crafts Classes available.

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