Ceramic and Broken China Mosaics Crafts

Architectural ceramics and mosaic artifacts, inspired by the gaden and designed for durability. Created in the Seattle studio of Bruce and Shannon Kelly Andersen.

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  • The Creative Union - Original collage mosaic art, mirrors and furniture made mosaics from tiles, ceramic and broken china china, and beads, all with inspirational mosaics and whimsical sayings.
  • Sheila Hudson - Mosaic mirror frames created with western cowboy themes and whimsical patterns.
  • Whackyfunster - Gallery of mosaics for garden art and home mosaics decoration. Garden ceramic and broken china details for drought tolerant xeric gardening mosaics included.
  • Isaiah Zagar - Featuring the imaginative work of this famous mosaic ceramic and broken ceramic and broken china china tile artist located in Philadelphia.
  • Baxter Mosaic Art - Indonesian artist Edwin-Stuart Baxter makes mosaic-murals and mosaic-sculptures mosaics for either interior or exterior locations.
  • Mike Dodds Mosaic - Mosaics and handmade tiles, designed and created by Australian artist crafts Mike Dodds.
  • Joseph Caputo Custom Tile Design - Mosaic tile murals, custom cut for the customer. crafts Design from customer specifications or a photo.
  • Kathy Richardson Designs - Mosaic fountains, wall art, backsplash and other projects mosaics from San Francisco-based artist.
  • Bella Mosaic Art - Mosaic artist teaching classes, selling supplies and hosting classes in mosaics her Philadelphia storefront studio.
  • Adam Begley Mosaic Design - Traverse City mosaic artist creations for artwork or home design.
  • Mosaikid - Mosaic mural making designed by teens and kids crafts for schools crafts or other community organizations, from broken crafts ceramics.
  • Mika Arts - Handmade tile, mosiaics and mixed-media create contemporary icons ceramic and broken ceramic and broken china china in artist Laurie Mika's work.
  • Reclamation Studios - Mosaic gallery of glass, tile and recycled objects crafts by artist ceramic and broken china Kim Wozniak.
  • New Stone Age Mosaics - Mosaic art for home and garden including custom ceramic and broken china mosaic tiles, garden balls and portraits in glass.
  • Mad Platter - Contemporary mosaic art using antique china and seashells, grouted ceramic and broken china with beads.
  • Studio Ceramics & Public Arts - Mosaics, tile panels, carved brickwork and ceramics created crafts by artist crafts Teena Gould in Wales. Studio crafts visits and commissions welcome.
  • Cocci and Idee - Mosaic artist Sueann Sher creates pique assiette custom mosaics mosaics for interior and garden use using old mosaics china, stained glass and other materials.
  • Andersen Studios - Architectural ceramics and mosaic artifacts, inspired by the mosaics gaden and crafts designed for durability. Created in the mosaics Seattle studio of Bruce crafts and Shannon Kelly Andersen.
  • Peck Tile Pottery & Sculpture Home Page - Creator of custom ceramic tiles and mosaics.
  • My Atlantis - Started in 2004, San Francisco artist Julia di Biasi works with local communities and non-profits to create public art mosaics for charitable purposes.
  • Mosaic Dreamer - Mosaic art work by UK-based mosaicist.
  • Valerie Carmet Mosaic Artist - Custom-made picassiette furniture and frames. Also info crafts on mosaic crafts workshops.
  • Julia Di Biasi - Hand-painted ceramic pieces, broken and recreated into mosaic art by crafts San Francisco artist Julia di Biasi.
  • Andrew Ward Surf Art - Works in a variety of mediums but mainly creates critters, murals, and rock pillars of mosaics.
  • Jane du Rand - Features ceramic mosaic projects for private or public crafts buildings and crafts community projects. Also view works in crafts progress.
  • Barking Dog Mosaics - Original mosaic artwork of animals, portraits by commission. Specializing in crafts mosaic portraits of dogs and cats.
  • Mostly Mosaics - Specializes in hand crafted personalized and theme-related three ceramic and broken crafts china dimensional mosaic or pique assiette frames, mirrors, ceramic and crafts broken china tables and trays.
  • Contemporary Art by Marcelo de Melo - Brazilian mosaic artist and painter now living in Amsterdam.
  • Mosaic Art in Brittany, France - Mosaic artwork by Catherine Thouroude. Also classes mosaics in mosaic creation in Brittany, France.
  • Sarah Leib Artiste Mosaique - Mosaic creations from this artist based in Amsterdam.
  • Flamingo Fanny Mosaics - Mosaics for the yard, home and garden. Workshops ceramic and broken china for the beginner.
  • Mosaic Wares - A collection of vintage mosaic furniture and home accessories. Pieces ceramic and broken china are one-of-a-kind objet d\'art, created in Canada.
  • Merilee Tutcik Mosaics and Fine Art - Based in South Florida, with a focus on painting and crafts creating shard mosaics.
  • Little Hunter Mosaics - Funky and fun one-of-a-kind mosaics for home and garden.
  • Ilana Shafir - Ceramic and mixed media mosaics from this international mosaics artist based in Israel.
  • Kashi Kari Gallery - Self taught artists Abbas and Roya Khajeaian create mosaics mosaics for mosaics home, garden and public spaces.
  • Graciela Shaingurten Artistic Creations - Interior and exterior mural decoration using broken china crafts stones and ceramics from this Israeli artist.
  • Chris Zonta Mosaics - Contemporary mosaic panels, tables, mirrors and garden pieces by this mosaics Chicago artist and teacher. Commissions accepted.
  • Cecilia Stanford - Mosaic work including multimedia construction, outdoor sculpture, ceramic crafts and mosaic mosaics objects, ceramic and glass murals.
  • Workshed Mosaics - Specializing in ceramic mosaic art. Offering courses in ceramic and broken china ceramic and tile mosaics for both adults and ceramic and broken china children. Located in Perth, Australia.
  • Rebecca DeVere Mosaics - Picassiette mosaics and paintings from this artist who crafts uses found mosaics objects and cut tiles for unique crafts pieces.
  • Anitra Watley Allen - Handmade, sculpted mosaic tiles. Includes a step-by-step ceramic and broken china how-to for a mosaic medallion floor inset.
  • Blueskymosaic - Canadian mosaic artist specializing in ceramic and glass pictures and ceramic and broken china home accents. Also floors, backsplashes, house number signs, corporate logo ceramic and broken china art pieces.
  • Galust's World - Contemporary mosaic art by artist Galust Nick Orduyan. Created in many styles including Tiffany, Art Nouveau, abstract expressionism and figurative.

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