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A magazine devoted to all aspects of spinning. Includes indexes of back issues and subscription information. Also other Interweave Press spinning information.

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See Also:
  • SpinnySpinny - Articles, projects and resources on handspinning, weaving and handspinning fiber crafts, textiles including the author's textile blog.
  • Modern History Sourcebook: The Loss of Woollen Spinning, 1794 - Social observations on the loss of woollen spinning crafts as a cottage industry in 1794
  • Patsy Zawistoski - Teacher and author offering information on her workshops, videos for crafts sale, and online help.
  • Ifanwy Fiber Works - Photographs of Shetland sheepdogs along with gifts and textiles items produced from their fur.
  • Spin Off - A magazine devoted to all aspects of spinning. crafts Includes indexes of back issues and subscription information. crafts Also other Interweave Press spinning information.
  • Northeast Handspinners Association - Dedicated to the art and craft of handspinning in northeast textiles US. Events calendar, information on The Gathering sponsored conference.
  • Illinois Prairie Spinners - Programs and other information about Illinois Prairie Spinners, a handspinning handspinning guild that meets in the western suburbs of Chicago.
  • An Tir: Spinners Guild - Group of spinners operating in the context of textiles the Society for Creative Anachronism. History, bibliography.
  • The Spinning Wheel Sleuth - Periodical devoted to spinning wheels and related tools
  • Yarnspinners Tales's Podcast - Discussions of handspinning fiber, equipment and technique plus textiles a monthly Spin In with music and stories textiles to spin along with.
  • Insects that Damage Wool - Description, habits, and treatment of clothes moths and carpet beetles.
  • Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild - A group of spinners whose members come to spinning from a variety of fiber arts. Event calendar, membership form, newsletters, tips and tricks.
  • HJS Studio - Fiber artist Holly Schaltz teaches contemporary interpretations of handspinning handspinning and handweaving. Includes class information, teacher biography handspinning and description of her process.
  • Black Sheep Newsletter - A quarterly for sheep growers and fiber enthusiasts. Table of contents of current issues, subscriptions, books and back issues.
  • Company of the Silver Spindle - A Guild operating within the Society for Creative crafts Anachronism. crafts Photo gallery, glossary of terms and crafts a list if spinning crafts deities.
  • Spinning Wheel FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about spinning wheels, along with textiles build-one-yourself instructions and resources.
  • Spinning Loft - A teaching facility dedicated to the promotion of fiber arts. Information about classes, recommended equipment, and events at the farm.

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