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An email discussion list for anyone having an interest in those animals who provide fiber for fiber artists. Information on how to join; message archives for members only.

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Editor's Picks:

Wool: Breeds of Sheep* - Maintained at Oklahoma State University. General information, photos, history of breed, bibliographies.

  • Department of Textile Fabrics - Article from the Smithsonian Institution covering the basic spinning fibers natural textiles fibers.
  • Soybean Protein Fiber - Background on this fiber produced from soybeans, describing handspinning the process.
  • Wormspit.com - Silk work by hand: silkworms, reeling, spinning and handspinning weaving.
  • Alpacas From Mile End Farm - Information and photographs from Mile End Farm (UK). History, fiber, handspinning alpaca care, and cost of ownership.
  • The Revival of Colored Cotton, James M. Vreeland, Jr. - History of naturally colored cotton in Peru
  • Priscilla Lowry Silks - A silk historian and medievalist, lecturer, designer and handspinning maker. textiles Includes descriptions of lectures, seminars and handspinning workshops.
  • Silk: The Stuff of Dreams - Using this exotic fiber -- qualities of silk, handspinning silk yarns, textiles spinning silk.
  • Wool Facts from the American Sheep Industry Association - Includes fact sheets, newsletter, history, care and processing spinning fibers of textiles wool.
  • Fibercritters - An email discussion list for anyone having an spinning fibers interest spinning fibers in those animals who provide fiber for spinning fibers fiber artists. spinning fibers Information on how to join; message spinning fibers archives for members spinning fibers only.
  • Wool: Navajo-Churro Sheep - Origin, history, characteristics and preservation of this rare breed. Breeder spinning fibers list. Published by Navajo-Churro Sheep Association.
  • Flax and Linen Overview - Basic history, biology, growing, preparation, and end use. handspinning From The spinning fibers Linen House, an online store.
  • Cotton: From Field to Fabric - Educational overview from the National Cotton Council.
  • Qiviut (or Qiviuk) - Luxurious down fiber from the Muskox. Hints on textiles preparing and spinning the fiber; vendors.
  • Fiber Plants - An article on less-well-known fiber plants and their handspinning protential.

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