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Many technical details and good examples of rose engine turning. Although described in relation to watches, the principles are applied in ornamental turning.

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  • Blackwood and Ornamental Turning - The Blackwood Conservation Project describes the qualities and ornamental turning uses of blackwood in ornamental turning
  • A catalog and history of Holtzapffel lathes - Holtzapffel.org is dedicated to the renowned 19th C. woodturning maker of ornamental turning ornamental turning equipment. It provides the woodturning world’s most comprehensive collection ornamental turning of information about the woodturning Holtzapffel family, their firm, and the ornamental turning lathes they woodturning produced.
  • The Society of Ornamental Turners - Providing information on the subject of ornamental turning both to ornamental turning society members and to newcomers to the craft.
  • Ornamental Turning Forum - This is a forum for the Ornamental Turners to have woodturning their say. Ask questions, seek and/or give help, hints and woodturning tips, etc.
  • Ornamental Turning - Showcases the craft, machinery and tools, as well as the ornamental turning items that result. Features links to a variety of related ornamental turning sites and topics of interest.
  • Ornamental Turning Center - Describes the art and craft of highly decorative woodturning surface ornamentation woodcraft of turned objects. Includes link woodturning to Ornamental Turning International.
  • Lynn Historical Woodworking Museum, The - Situated in Ashburton, New Zealand, exhibits eleven lathes dating from ornamental turning 1804. The collection includes six Holtzapffel, two Gill, one Evans, ornamental turning one Davies and a Bower Rose Engine Lathe.
  • RGM Watch Company - Engine Turning GuillochĂ© - Many technical details and good examples of rose woodcraft engine turning. woodcraft Although described in relation to woodcraft watches, the principles are woodcraft applied in ornamental turning.
  • Uphill. Steve - English OT with Fenn lathe and a love woodturning of antique machines, includes pictures of his machines woodturning and a page of engineering tips.
  • Ornamental Turners International - US based OT society, includes, forum, resources, and woodcraft details of biennial symposium.
  • A Brief History of Ornamental Turning - Traces the development of the lathe through to woodcraft the state of the art today.
  • Ornamental Turning pages on Peninsular Woodturners Guild - Two home made rose engines, a dome chuck ornamental turning and ornamental turning pictures of some of their work.
  • Brittania Lathes - Ornamental turning attachment and accessories for these lathes woodturning - pictures woodturning and description.
  • Plege and Aldworth: Engine Turners - Everything you ever wanted to know about engine turning. ornamental turning Although relating to metal, all the technical information you ornamental turning need to design and create ornamental turnings in wood.
  • Lindow White - Manufacturers of a modern rose engine turning machine woodcraft and rosettes and rubbers. Includes an OT woodcraft forum

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