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Restoration and reproduction turning in plain, engine turned and ornamental lathe work in styles from the 17th to the 20th century.

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  • Salesin, Joshua - Small bowls, combining detailed ornamental turning with the natural colors woodturning of exotic hardwoods.
  • Garrett, Dewey - Photos of Ornamental Turnings made using his OT emulator, which woodturning he describes. Links to videos on YouTube
  • Harris, James - Includes a bibliography, history and other information about woodturning the craft woodturning of OT and its techniques and woodturning the materials used. Article woodturning on design principles.
  • Limvere, Bear - Native American flute player, promoting the art of ornamental turning.
  • John Edwards, - Contains pictures of ornamentally turned objects and OT artisan portfolios lathes, techniques, information about the craft, OT lathes artisan portfolios and equipment, and a booklist.
  • Coker, C. Paul - Restoration and reproduction turning in plain, engine turned woodturning and ornamental ornamental turning lathe work in styles from the woodturning 17th to the 20th ornamental turning century.
  • Sauer, Jon - Extensive gallery of Ornamental Turned items, including carved, artisan portfolios spiral, top, and wave designs.
  • Nash, Cal - Gallery of Ornamental Turned items.
  • Pivko, Kurt - Drop spindles for spinning decorated with ornamental turning.
  • Rea, John - Decorative Turning - the way to easy Ornamental artisan portfolios Turning, using his jig.

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