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Magazines and/or e-zines that no longer are being updated.

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  • Renaissance Online Magazine - Monthly magazine featuring entertainment reviews and features, sports, fiction, poetry, humor, and politics. Reader feedback and discussion welcomed.
  • Nine5Four - Focuses on unsigned talent, including musicians of any magazines and e-zines genre, models, sports athletes, and comedians. Includes articles magazines and e-zines and photos.
  • - Underground reviews, interviews, articles, and poetry focusing on magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines music, movies, videogames, politics, life, death, love, hate, magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines and dark humor.
  • The 11th Hour - Archives of the webzine with feature articles and reviews.
  • Producermag - Focuses on producers of films and comics. Updated news and media monthly.
  • The Mediadrome - News, reviews, ratings, box office, and original content news and media news and media covering film, tv, history, food and words.
  • - Articles and interviews focused on independent films and archives media.
  • Crowd Surfer - Reviews, news, gig guides, and announcements for music, archives movies, and news and media books.
  • Ones2Watch4 - Focuses on unheralded talent, movies, videos, and music.

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