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Online version that includes: music and movie reviews, musical artists, MP3s for download, and photos of pop culture figures.

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  • Beyond Race Magazine - Aimed at an audience socially conscious, progressive-minded consumers news and media of music and entertainment. Includes reviews, articles, and news and media columns.
  • Cinescape Online - Reviews, news, and articles for books, movies, music, entertainment television, comics, and games.
  • Who Weekly Magazine - Daily entertainment news, exclusive photos, celebrity profiles, and entertainment polls.
  • The Hollywood Reporter - Film, music, broadcast, and entertainment business news, including news and media independents and international information.
  • Pinmonkey - News, links, wireless fashion updates, and online games.
  • - Entertainment news and media site offers reviews, interviews, entertainment discussion forum, entertainment images, archives, blogs and RSS news entertainment aggregator.
  • Ingenue Magazine - Online version of the print magazine. Includes image entertainment galleries and celebrity and entertainment news.
  • Teen People - Features articles, reviews, competitions, and photographs.
  • Variety Magazine - The show-business daily. Offers headlines, statistics, and reviews, as well as columnists Army Archerd, Michael Fleming, and editor Peter Bart.
  • Rollingstone Magazine - Online version that includes: music and movie reviews, entertainment musical artists, MP3s for download, and photos of entertainment pop culture figures.
  • Vibe Magazine - Covers hip hop/urban culture with a focus on music. Articles, interviews, and subscription information.
  • Black Masks - Features articles on the black performing arts and news and media news and media artists, as well as nationwide listings of black news and media news and media performances, readings, exhibits, concerts, films, and festivals. Back news and media news and media issues and print subscriptions available.
  • Entertainment Weekly - Online version of the print magazine includes entertainment entertainment news, interviews, reviews of music, film, TV and entertainment books, and a special area for magazine subscribers.
  • Films and Books Magazine - Focuses on books and movies and the relationship they share news and media in the entertainment world. News, reviews, trailers, and related links.
  • RTE Guide - Television and radio schedules, as well as film reviews.
  • Lost At Sea - Movies, music, books, features, documentaries, contests, and free entertainment prizes.
  • Venice Magazine - Features celebrity interviews and an extensive arts and entertainment section each month in both print and online versions. [PDF]
  • UK Fusion - Music and movie reviews, articles, and message board.
  • The GATE: Entertainment Magazine - Features reviews, interviews and articles on music, movies, magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines and TV.
  • Twelveteen Magazine - Interviews, concert reviews and humor from author of entertainment "How To news and media Be A Working Comic."
  • Arts Professional - Includes headlines, downloads, and information on jobs in the industry. The print version, as well as e-mail newsletters, are published to thousands of readers worldwide.
  • America - Urban lifestyle publication with a focus on music, entertainment fashion, and magazines and e-zines celebrity. Includes advertising and subscription information, entertainment as well as current magazines and e-zines and past covers.
  • Visual Imagination - Homepage for UK-based publication. Covers U.S. and UK television and films with a focus on science fiction and fantasy. Includes reviews and interviews.
  • Indulge Magazine - Food, wine and lifestyle. Featuring Hollywood\\'s top celebrities, entertainment travel, art, finance, sports, and wine.
  • - Monthly publication that focuses on art, festivals, models, music and news and media fashion. Includes reviews, galleries, and events calendar. [Registration required.]
  • Moda Magazine - Articles and reviews covering music, movies, and books.
  • Shotgun Reviews - Entertainment news and reviews, satire.
  • Art and Soul: The Peterborough Magazine For Music, Art, Photography And Literature - Promotes music, theatre, and the arts. Features community discussion forums.
  • Movmnt Magazine - Covers fashion, dance music, and pop culture as magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines a lifestyle. Co-founded by David Benaym and Danny magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines Tidwell (So You Think You Can Dance). Quarterly.
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