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The subscription information of a mailing list for denizens of the Chicago area to discuss issues relating to science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

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  • SciFi-Fusion - A message board community that discuss television, movies science fiction and genres fantasy and books related to the genres.
  • Sci Fi Chat - Forum covering the genre with optional registration and chats and forums chats and forums member profiles.
  • Reaper's Cafe - Discussions on fantasy books and movies.
  • Chronicles Network - Portal to forums focusing on science fiction and fantasy interests in all media. History, science and nature, world affairs and humour.
  • Mythic Folk Treeboards - Community treeboards for fans of speculative and mythopoeic chats and forums genres genres, aimed at discussing mythic,cultural, or spiritual contexts chats and forums genres in science fiction, fantasy, and popular culture.
  • Sci Scape - Topics include popular television series, movies, books, conventions, and games.
  • Battle for Middle Earth - Role-playing forum based on the Lord of the chats and forums genres Rings saga.
  • SF Fandom - Moderated discussion forums for fans of science fiction, chats and forums genres fantasy, history, and mythology. Forums cover books, chats and forums genres movies, television shows, and actors.
  • What is Real - Discuss topics from the paranormal to technology and movies.
  • Chicago Science Fiction & Fantasy Discussion list - The subscription information of a mailing list for denizens of genres the Chicago area to discuss issues relating to science fiction, genres fantasy, and horror.
  • Outpost10f: Ten Forward - Star Trek role-playing chat.
  • Forums - Discussion on genre and horror topics, including television and movies.
  • FutureNoir - Movies, books, television, and anime discussion.
  • Talk about Science Fiction - Sci-fi discussion forums. Chat about your favorite television chats and forums chats and forums shows, books, movies, characters or collectibles.
  • The Portal: Science Fiction and Fantasy Community - Community with a variety of forums from Star genres Wars to Wheel of Time.
  • MARSnext - Chat community in a Martian setting. [fee registration required]
  • The Sci-Fi Alliance - Message board with topics including Babylon 5, Star Wars, Farscape, genres Star Trek, Buffy, Xena and Enterprise.
  • Tangent21 - Discussions covering the genres and cult TV.
  • The Website at the End of the Universe - Community and weblog covering the genres with news and links.
  • Outpost10f: D'Deridex - Star Trek Romulan themed role-playing chat.
  • Cool SciFi - Offers forums, a media gallery, an arcade, and chats and forums a smilie creator.
  • EZboard: MaRS - Forums for Star Trek, Star Wars, Dune and science fiction and chats and forums fantasy general science fiction.
  • The World of Tribius - Role playing forum.
  • The Jedi Girl Internet Community - Message board, articles, and features for female fans science fiction and fantasy of the genres.
  • Asynjur's Forum for Friends - Multi-genre forum covering topics such as myths and folklore, art, science fiction and fantasy stories and poems and entertainment.
  • Middle Earth and Hogwarts Central - Discussion forums for Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fans.
  • Outpost10f: Rotarran - Star Trek Klingon themed role-playing chat.
  • Gonads and Strife - A forum for fantasy related books and female heroins.
  • Temporal Reality - Discussion on television and movie titles based on the genres.
  • Alder Hill - An online interactive medieval town situated in a chats and forums genres fantasy world. The world is developed further by chats and forums genres a global member community.

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