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Chat rooms, message boards, online communities, and mailing lists devoted to more than one science fiction program or to science fiction on television in general.

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See Also:
  • Astro Gate Forums - Message board with topic threads including Andromeda, The X-Files, and chats and forums Stargate: SG-1, as well as discussion of science and science chats and forums fiction in general.
  • Othala - Multi-fandom forum with threads for Stargate SG1, Stargate programs Atlantis, Red science fiction and fantasy Dwarf, and Manifest Destiny.
  • Fantastic Television - Message board and chat room for fans of science fiction and science fiction and fantasy fantasy science fiction and fantasy shows.
  • The Fringe Posting Board - Discussion forum for fans of anime, Buffy the chats and forums Vampire Slayer, Angel, Babylon 5, Highlander, Stargate SG-1, chats and forums and The Tomorrow People. Includes polls and fan chats and forums fiction.
  • Flare Science Fiction Forums - An old, large Star Trek-turned-Sci-Fi community seeking new programs members. Formerly known as the Starfleet Communications programs Relay and the Behaviour Group Forums.
  • Yahoo! Groups: Sci Fi Junkies - Message board for fans of Stargate SG-1, Enterprise and The science fiction and fantasy Dead Zone to discuss how much they enjoy watching the science fiction and fantasy shows. Includes photos and polls. [Yahoo! registration required.]
  • Xena and Hercules Universe - Science fiction, fantasy, and fan fiction message board.
  • Tigerclaw's Crossfire - Fans debate burning issues such as whether Imperial programs Star Destroyers chats and forums from Star Wars could defeat Star programs Trek\\'s Galaxy-class starships in chats and forums combat. Includes polls and programs a variety of message boards.
  • Coffeerooms(sm): Jolau's Sci Fi Board - A gathering place for friends and fans of science fiction chats and forums television.

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